The dunker’s jump – how do you train to make a dunk?

The dunker’s jump – how do you train to make a dunk?
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Success in basketball consists of many different elements. Talent is important, of course, but without solid training it will be hard to make the perfect dunk.

Keep training and eventually you will see progress

Not everyone is born an athlete. What’s more, many famous athletes owe their achievements not to innate talent alone (although it helps, of course), but to intensive training.

Anyone who wants to become a professional athlete has to put training first in his or her daily life from an early age. The regularity and intensity of training is important. If you want to become a champion, you have to work hard.

However, not only professionals think about exercises to strengthen specific elements of the game. This issue is also looked at by athletes training at a completely amateur level. Do you like playing basketball, but jumping is not your strong point? Check out how to train this element of the game to become the king of basketball!

When I was 13 years old I dreamt, as probably every teenager, to make a dunk one day?
What happened then? I went crazy…

Published by David ‘DaFly’ Mazur Saturday, September 26, 2020

Mobility, dynamics, stability and strength

When training, pay attention to the four elements that make up the optimal jump ending with a dunk. First, consider what is the mobility of your joints. Such knowledge will help you appropriately choose exercises to the capabilities of your body. Improved mobility is a very important element which cannot be forgotten while planning a training unit.

You can check your mobility in several ways. When you lie down on the ground, lift your straight leg up. Did you manage to get a 90 degree angle? That’s great! Now check to see if you have the same range of motion in the other leg.

Training to improve the dynamics of the game is the last element you should introduce into your training plan. But before you do that, work hard on your strength and stability. Train your strength through regular practice. Focus primarily on your quadriceps, but don’t forget to give your glutes a workout as well.

Stability is another element you need to pay attention to when planning your workouts. Include exercises that improve knee and hip stability. The more stability you achieve, the more you will improve your jumping technique and at the same time reduce the risk of getting a painful injury during the game.

Exercises to look out for when writing your training plan

If you want to achieve a visible improvement in your jumping ability, you need to train regularly. You can create your own training units, including exercises that improve mobility, stability, strength and dynamics. However, if you have no idea how professional training should look like, sign up for exercises under the supervision of a reputable professional. The knowledge that a personal trainer or basketball coach has will help you achieve specific results in optimal time.

If, after all, you prefer to exercise on your own, and the sport is approached completely amateur and you are not planning a career in the NBA, take care of the variety of training units. Monotony kills not only the emotional relationship with another person, but is also extremely destructive to training progress.

Sample exercises

Wondering how to exercise to significantly improve your basketball jump shot? Incorporate bends performed on one leg into your workout. It will help you improve your stability. This exercise is not easy, but it brings excellent results. Don’t give up after initial failures!

Also make friends with the plank. Plank is an extremely versatile exercise that strengthens the entire body. At the very beginning, taking care of the correct technique of performing the plank, try to hold this position for 30 seconds. This may not seem like much, but you will see firsthand how challenging half a minute can be. Advanced individuals will be able to increase the exercise time to 90 seconds.

You can build leg strength with simple exercises. You know them well from elementary school. Focus primarily on squats and trunks. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and series until you see visible training progress. There is one more important element left – dynamics. How to improve it? Commit to training quarter jumps.

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