EMS training – exercises in the modern edition

EMS training – exercises in the modern edition
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Summer is fast approaching, and with it the desire to look your best while on vacation at the beach or by the pool. In times when gyms are closed and you don’t actually know when they will open, it is worth looking for an alternative to exercising with professional equipment. EMS training is an innovative way to achieve your dream silhouette without spending long hours at the gym. Get to know the system of electrostimulation of muscles!

EMS – what is it?

EMS, or electrical muscle stimulation, is a novelty in the world of sports and bodybuilding. The electrostimulation system helps your body during training by sending electric impulses to your muscles, imitating the signals sent naturally by the nervous system. Thanks to this your body builds muscle mass faster, you gain more physical strength and in comparison to the traditional form of exertion, you can notice the results of your workouts much sooner. It is a completely safe and very effective form of support during exercise.

Does EMS really work?

Everyone has seen the commercial for the magic belt that fights for your six-pack while you eat potato chips on the couch. EMS works on a similar principle, but the key difference is that EMS training actually delivers results. A workout supported by electrostimulation of the muscles is very effective. EMS cuts your workout time in half because your muscles work twice as efficiently. The electrical pulses sent to your muscles stimulate them to work harder and more efficiently while you do your normal workout. You don’t have to work out any more to get satisfactory results, but sitting on the couch as advertised will not produce spectacular results. EMS electrostimulation is a full-body workout that effectively and safely supports weight loss and muscle mass gain.

Can I use the electrostimulator at home?

Here the matter is not so simple. Electrostimulation of muscles should be performed by people experienced in this subject. Improper use of EMS can lead to irritation and even skin damage and muscle strain, which leads to serious injuries. Training with an electrostimulator is perfectly safe under the guidance of a professional, fortunately you can find personal trainers who use EMS equipment and offer home visits. You can also use an electrostimulator if you are properly trained to do so. In the age of pandemonium, such training is also done online, so you can learn how to safely use the equipment at home.

When can’t you train with EMS?

EMS workouts are safe for healthy people, but there are health contraindications to using electrostimulators. Heart conditions such as arrhythmia, a recent heart attack or an implanted pacemaker unfortunately rule out EMS training. Similarly, diseases of the nervous system, especially epilepsy, are a serious contraindication to this form of exercise because the electrical impulses can trigger seizures. Electrostimulation of muscles is also not recommended with diabetes and untreated hypertension, as well as during pregnancy and after surgery. Not only surgery, but in fact any skin suturing procedure, eliminates the possibility of stimulating muscles with electricity. This is because the induced contractions can lead to loosening or tearing of the sutures and reopening of the wound.

A fit, muscular figure is the dream of many people, but developing muscle mass can take many months of intense training. With EMS you can significantly reduce this time and see satisfactory results much earlier. It’s a great alternative to traditional exercises that, despite our best efforts, are not always as effective as we would like them to be.

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