Practice makes perfect. How to polish your throwing technique in basketball?

Practice makes perfect. How to polish your throwing technique in basketball?
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The most popular sport in our country after soccer is basketball. It is a sport that is played by a lot of people because you don’t need any special equipment to play it. It is enough to simply take the ball in your hands and go out on the court. For beginners, however, hitting the basket may be difficult, but it is enough to polish the technique to throw for three regularly. What should such training look like?

Types of basketball throwing

Many people think that throwing a basketball is very simple. All you have to do is hold the ball in your hands and push it in front of you. Nothing complicated, but how many people have tried and failed? It is also worth knowing that in basketball there are other throws besides two and three. The basic throw of every basketball player is the one in front of the cage, then from the two-point, from the jump, from the place and the hook.

The pre-cage throw is used to start learning the basics of basketball, which is why it is mainly seen in younger players. It helps future athletes learn to feel the distance on the court, but it is also the easiest throw to block. The two-touch is a play in which a player intercepts the ball without a basket, makes a jump shot, and throws it to the basket. It is a very popular throw that is used regularly. It is used by both amateurs and professionals.

Another technique is throwing from the spot. Its mastery is a fundamental part of every player’s training. With this throw, the ball is held with both hands, but it is not the same grip as with the chest throw. One hand should be positioned at six o’clock and the other at nine o’clock. The legs should be slightly bent and the arms should be bent at the elbows. It is important to develop enough strength, because a huge role in this case is played by the movement of the wrists, which can be compared to the launcher. The more strength you have, the easier and further you will be able to throw the ball.

Jump and hook throws are the last techniques that also need to be honed. The former in particular can be seen very often at basketball games. However, the ball should be thrown out of your hands as it falls, not as beginners mistakenly do – as it rises. The hook throw is the domain of centers and strong wings. Of course, this is not the whole arsenal of throws. You can also throw from distance, half-distance or from behind the six-meter line.

How to hit the three-pointer?

Three-point shooting was introduced in 1979 in the NBA and was initially considered a curiosity. Over the years, however, they have gained such popularity that now everyone tries to hit the basket from behind the 6-meter line. It’s no wonder, because with three accurate shots you can bounce back as much as nine points, and with a sniper in the team, you can easily build a huge advantage. Three-point shots are not easy and you need to know the technique. The positioning of legs is very important. They should be parallel to the hip line and slightly bent. Effective use of the energy they can generate allows you to make a long throw.

The grip of the ball and the work of the hands are equally important – they are responsible for the ball flying with the right force and in the right direction. The ball should rest in the hands above the head and it is important that its center is located in the width of the middle and index finger. The ball should be aimed at the center of the rim. Many beginners think that bouncing off the backboard will make things easier, but it doesn’t have to be that way. First of all, you have to put more force into the throw because the target is farther away, and besides, your brain reacts to its appearance. So if it works for us on our home court, it may not necessarily work on another court.

Want to learn how to throw well?

We’ve put together four steps for you to see what “throwing well” means to you…

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