Chelating shampoos for swimmers – are they worth using?

Chelating shampoos for swimmers – are they worth using?
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Frequent swimming in the pool can have a negative effect on your hair. Find out how to bring back the shine and are chelating shampoos the only solution?

Does swimming pool water harm hair?

Regular visits to the pool bring with them a number of health benefits. Swimming has an excellent effect on both the circulatory and skeletal systems. It can help you lose weight, reduce excess body fat and tone up your muscles. Unfortunately, the large amount of chlorine found in swimming pool water can adversely affect the condition of hair and skin. Hair begins to break and dandruff appears on the scalp as a result of dry skin. How to make the most of frequent visits to the pool without worrying about dry, dull hair? You’ll find the answer in this article!

The main culprit: Chlorine

Should you give up on swimming because your hair is in worse condition? Absolutely not! But if you too cannot get enough of your hair every time you leave the pool and it is still dull and noticeably weak despite all treatment, here is what you can do about it

Chlorinated swimming pool water is fully responsible for the poor condition of your hair. Disinfection is an absolute priority these days. During this process, all sorts of bacteria and germs are removed from the pool water, so you can feel relatively safe in the swimming lane. Unfortunately, your hair suffers. You’ve certainly noticed that the more often you visit the pool, the drier and more brittle your hair becomes. How can you improve its condition?

If you want to stop thinking about your hair being damaged by chlorinated water, take a look at some of the suggestions we have put together for you. But don’t worry, the results won’t come with a wave of the proverbial wand. Just as you had to get in shape at the pool, you now have to be patient with your hair so that it can regain its former shine.

Swimming Pool Hair Care

In order to keep your hair in good condition, it is extremely important to take proper care of it both before you enter the water and immediately after you get out of it. Simply using a swimming pool cap may not do much good. Material caps allow chlorinated water to pass through, while the rubber ones are difficult to put on and may cause hair to fall out when you take them off.

Even before your visit to the swimming pool you should consider using hair care products, which provide extra protection to your hair. Conditioners and oils work well and can be applied directly to the hair before training on the swimming lane. What about after swimming? If you haven’t done so already, try chelating shampoos. These are specialized products that address the needs of swimmers.

Chelating shampoos – what should you know about them?

A series of chelating shampoos can be used without any problem by both professional swimmers and amateurs who visit the pool occasionally. The task of such a shampoo is to gently rinse chlorine out of the hair structure so as to minimize its harmful effects. Moreover, after using chelating shampoo, the hair will never again have the unpleasant smell of chlorinated water.

Professional shampoo created for the specific requirements of people training swimming is admittedly an expense of several dozen PLN, but the effects that its use brings, are definitely worth the price. The hair will have a nice fragrance and it will become shiny again and better moisturized, and all this thanks to the content of vitamins conducive to accelerated regeneration of the hair structure. Chelating shampoos are available in drugstores and sporting goods stores – both stationary and online. Declare final war on chlorinated water and reach for proven solutions for beautiful, healthy, thick and shiny hair!

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