How to regenerate the body after a long run?

How to regenerate the body after a long run?
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After an intense workout, proper recovery is extremely important. What can be done to regenerate the body after running?

Regenerative salts

Salts used for example during home baths can achieve a therapeutic effect. Thanks to the health-giving properties of salts we can strengthen our body and improve our physical condition. Mineral content in salts allows to nourish joints and muscles, as well as to improve concentration and overall body immunity. Salco salts will surely help regenerate your body after intensive running.

Regeneration is essential!
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Published by Friday, 4 January 2019

The right rest

A good way to regenerate after a workout is to lie down for a quarter of an hour with your legs up. Thanks to this position circulation improves and our muscles regenerate faster. You can wear compression socks for such a rest, and your legs will surely rest.

Muscle cooling

In addition to salt baths, take a cold shower after your workout. This will help prevent muscle inflammation and reduce the soreness after running.


This is a very good relaxation and stretching workout for runners. Running engages the same muscles every time, making them clump together. Yoga is designed to prevent contractures. With breathing exercises, we also stretch the intercostal muscles and learn how to breathe properly.

Post-workout massage

Massage will effectively relax tense muscles, so blood will flow better in the relaxed areas, delivering nutrients to the muscles that positively affect recovery. You can also use rollers, which are a great way to improve blood circulation and metabolism in the muscles. It is worth rolling the sides of the thighs, calves, quadriceps, gluteal muscles and around the hips and back. Also remember to stretch after training. Muscles stretched after running will return to “themselves” faster.

Proper nutrition

This is actually a basic issue, but often neglected. The meal after training should be eaten as quickly as possible. It is important that it consists of carbohydrates and a small amount of protein to speed up muscle recovery. However, not only the meal eaten after running is very important, but the overall diet. Throughout the day, you should make sure that you eat proper nutrition and well-balanced meals. Your diet should provide your body with the right amount of nutrients and calories so that in addition to recovering from your last workout, it will be ready for the next one as well. Whether you follow a diet if you run regularly will reflect on your running and, most importantly, your health.

Say no to caloric snacks

After an intense run you feel like reaching for calorie-dense snacks? Highly processed products do not contain essential nutrients that your muscles could use in the recovery process. So deny yourself unhealthy, calorie-dense food and opt for a full meal.


Using a sauna helps to speed up the circulation of blood and get it to individual muscles, so your body relaxes and toughens up. Regular visits to the sauna can significantly accelerate the recovery of minor strains, so it is worth going to it on a non-workout day. Remember that using the sauna just after or a moment before exercise can be dangerous to your health.

Remember that proper clothing is also important when running. Wear comfortable running shoes for training and on colder days do not forget a jacket that will protect you from the wind. It’s also important to remember that a cold can affect your recovery time.

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