Exercises to prevent injury and trauma

Exercises to prevent injury and trauma
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Injuries and injuries are a sad daily reality for many physical activity enthusiasts. But does it really have to be like this? Find out how to avoid them!

Injuries and injuries – how to avoid them?

A well-known saying says that sport equals health. Many people who are physically active on a daily basis will not fully agree with this. Regular trainings mean better condition, greater efficiency of the body, more energy to act, and also excellent health prevention, at least as far as civilization diseases are concerned. However, frequent exercise, especially high intensity exercise, significantly increases the risk of serious injuries and painful contusions, which may take many weeks to heal. In order to minimise this risk, it is worth placing emphasis on a comprehensive warm-up before each training session.

Is this the only way to reduce injuries? There is one more way to strengthen your body so that accidental injuries occur much less frequently – the key to success will be regular preventive training to strengthen muscles and joints.

Preventive strengthening training – what will you need?

The good news is that including additional exercises in your training plan will not deprive you of your last savings. If you’re an everyday active person, chances are you’ll have most of the accessories you need for your strengthening workout at home. Even if something is missing, you can try to replace it with what you happen to have on hand. What is worth thinking about? An exercise mat, a sensomotor cushion, a roller, rubber exercise bands, and a wedge will certainly come in handy.

What exercises can I do to strengthen my joints and muscles?

The catalog of exercises you can do to strengthen muscles and joints is quite broad. These will help reduce the risk of injury. You can do these exercises at home. They will only take you a few minutes – admit it, you can spare that much, even with a very busy schedule. Below are some exercises – they are suitable for both beginners and slightly more advanced athletes.

Beret exercises

It is not about the once popular headgear, which nowadays is the object of many jokes. A beret is a sensory cushion; a piece of equipment that is often used during rehabilitation. By exercising with a beret, you will improve your balance. Maybe at first glance this exercise seems trivial, but don’t cross it off. Give it a try and you’ll see that maintaining balance on a sensory cushion isn’t that easy at all. Especially if you stand on one leg and start waving your arms.

Exercise bands

Rubber bands look very inconspicuous, usually unnoticeable among other training equipment, so we pass them by indifferently. However, it is worth reaching for them, at least from time to time. Exercising with rubber bands is a great way to strengthen both arms and legs. There are so many variants of exercises that you will certainly not get bored even after a few months.

Hello !

In these undoubtedly hard times for all of us, we propose to equip homes with TRX bands. ?

Why might this be useful ? ?

Well, because you can start building form at home using your own body weight, thus finding an alternative to strength training in the gym.

In addition, the previously mentioned tapes have several benefits:

✅ they will not overburden your household budget

✅ do not require much space

✅ are easy to install

Today we will present 3 exercises that can strengthen your muscle corset. ?

1) bending and straightening your forearms in frontal support, the so-called “push-up” – great exercise to develop mainly the chest and arm muscles. This is one of the basic exercises during training. ?

2) drawing the knees to the abdomen – take the position as for the push-up and draw both knees to the abdomen. Keep your feet a few inches apart. Exercise develops primarily the abdominal muscles, but also arms and chest. ?

3) push-up with drawing the knees to the abdomen – the combination of both previous exercises gives great results and complements the training with TRX bands. This exercise, although at an advanced level, gives great results on the muscles of the chest, shoulders and abdomen. ?

The variety of exercises during training is a great solution for our body. By giving a different stimulus, we allow your muscles to grow, nourish themselves, and thus increase their strength and endurance.

And you? Have you tried your hand with TRX straps ? Try it ! ?

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Stretching – an essential part of training

If you’re concerned about minimizing the risk of workout injury, tap into the benefits of regular stretching. The catalog of stretching exercises is wide. You can use a wall or a special wedge, thanks to which the exercises will be even more effective.

Roller – indispensable for muscle relaxation

Now it is time for the real icing on the cake; you can use the roller not only during the training session aimed at prevention of injuries. It is a small, yet useful device for loosening up after any physical activity. The roller will help you get rid of muscle tension. You can roll the muscles of your legs, arms or buttocks!

As is well known, massage is an essential part of sports preparation for people training athletically as well as for people who…

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