What is decompression diving?

What is decompression diving?
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Do you associatediving with submerging under the surface of the water using appropriate equipment? This is not all you need to know about this form of entertainment. One of the less known forms of diving is decompression diving.

Diving – why is it so fascinating?

The popularity of scuba diving has been growing steadily for some time. How can we recognize this trend? More and more people are participating in professional courses for divers. The offer of such courses is also now much wider than just a few years ago. In specialized sports stores you can also buy professional diving equipment without much problem. If the supply is growing, a simple conclusion can be drawn that the demand is also growing.

Why for so many people diving is the best way to spend free time? Not without importance is the uniqueness of the underwater world. The reality that you have to face underwater is completely different from that which we know from our everyday life. This is what makes diving so fascinating.

One more point can be made – diving is not an adventure for everyone. It is a form of leisure, which is intended only for people in good health. A diver, to go under the water, must also have completed a specialized course. Without the proper amount of knowledge and practiced skills, diving on your own would be extremely irresponsible. Joining the community of divers, therefore, you can feel like a member of an elite group.

What are the types of diving?

The thing about diving is that the appetite grows with eating. In childhood, almost everyone dived under the surface of the water at least for a while, taking air into their lungs beforehand. After completing a course, you can choose one of several ways to develop your skills. One of them is snorkeling, which means staying afloat and admiring the underwater world through a special mask with a tube.

There is also scuba diving. This is recreational diving designed for people who enjoy impeccable health. Exploration of ships resting on the bottom of the seas and oceans is wreck diving.

One of the more difficult forms of diving is decompression diving. This form of exploration of the underwater space requires not only high level skills, but also advanced equipment and excellent health.

Decompression diving – what is worth knowing about it?

If you want to start adventure with decompression diving, you have to realize that it is much more dangerous than other forms of exploring underwater world. The greater the depth to which the diver descends, the greater the risk that there may be some complications.

Diving to 20 m below the water surface is considered relatively safe. 40 m is the mark beyond which there can no longer be talk of recreational diving. Below this level the underwater space is available only to technical divers. Passionates of this adventure unanimously claim that the greater the risk, the greater the thrill.

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Also keep in mind that decompression diving means you need to invest in more equipment. Basic equipment in this case will not work at all. Want to know what you will need? Ask an experienced diver. Such person will show you the best possible solutions and tell you how the technical configuration of diving equipment should look like.

Your safety, health and life will depend on the extent to which you have developed strategic thinking skills. Every step in this case must be very carefully planned and there is absolutely no room for error. If you make a mistake in calculations, you may run out of air underwater. It is not hard to imagine that the consequences could be tragic in such a case.

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