Physical activity and the course of COVID-19 – research leaves no illusions!

Physical activity and the course of COVID-19 – research leaves no illusions!
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The latest research confirms that regular exercise is the key to surviving the coronavirus pandemic. This time, the impact of exercise on health in the era of the plague has been taken under the microscope by American scientists from the medical journal “British Journal of Sports Medicine”. The results of their tests show unequivocally – physical activity strongly reduces the risk of a severe course of COVID-19!

Popular sporting facilities such as gyms, fitness clubs and swimming pools have been open to only a few for several months, and recent restrictions mean that this may continue for some time. The limited access to physical activity is all the more worrying as exercise of various kinds is an invaluable factor in terms of good health and well-being.

American researchers, working under the supervision of the experienced Dr. Robert Sallis of Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Fontana, recently conducted a series of tests during which they collected data from nearly 50,000 adults infected with coronavirus between January 1, 2020 and October 21, 2020. The study participants were divided into 3 main groups: those who were physically inactive (less than 10 minutes per week), those who undertook any activity (between 10 and 149 minutes per week), and those who exercised regularly as recommended by the World Health Organization (at least 150 minutes per week). As you might guess, of the total rate, the most favorable were the latter.

The results leave not even a shadow of a doubt – those who were physically inactive were nearly 130 percent more likely to suffer a severe COVID-19 compared to those who spent at least the recommended 150 minutes per week playing sports. The risk of an intensive care unit stay in non-exercising participants, on the other hand, increased by 73 percent, but it’s the risk of death that captures the imagination the most. According to the study published in the journal, it was as much as 150 percent higher!

Much smaller, but still thought-provoking differences were found when comparing the outcomes of those who regularly engaged in physical activity to those who did not engage in any activity. So once again we can see how important a role in our lives plays practicing sports, also the amateur ones. Its importance increases when we talk about building immunity, so it is worth finding at least a few hours a week for your favorite sport.

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