Amateur cycling in pandemic – when will cyclists return to real trails?

Amateur cycling in pandemic – when will cyclists return to real trails?
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Amateur sports are slowly coming back to life after a long break. From February 12 there will be a conditional opening of swimming pools, ski slopes and outdoor infrastructure. Thus, there is a spark of hope that the amateur cycling competition season in 2021 will be held as originally planned. This is news that makes all cyclists happy.

Amateur cycling has had an extremely difficult year, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting various restrictions. Due to the unusual situation a significant part of cycling events was moved to the virtual world, which was possible thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions such as bicycle trainers providing access to virtual reality. Thus, computer and TV screens have become a new plane of rivalry for amateur cyclists.

We have found out the date of Tour de Pologne. 77. the edition is to take place between August 5 and 9. Soon the details of the route,…

Published by ORLEN Tour de Pologne Amatorów Tuesday, May 5, 2020

After the recent announcements of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, however, there are many indications that soon cycling enthusiasts will finally be able to return to real routes after a forced break. The green light from the government has been given to outdoor sports – already on Friday 12 February football fields will be opened, among others. There is no shortage of voices saying that in view of this, the possibility of organizing cycling competitions should also be allowed, of course, with the observance of the applicable sanitary regime.

If amateur cycling races can actually come to fruition soon, we should see a big comeback for the iconic series in 2021. Both the organizers and the sympathizers of popular events, such as those held every year in Tri-City Cyklo, Pomerania MTB and Garmin MTB Seriesprestigious road race Orlen Tour de Pologne Amatorówor finally the cycle of the biggest cycling events in Poland – Bike Marathon. In the near future, the issues of recreational cycling should be finally clarified.

Despite the temporary unfreezing of amateur sport, almost certainly no friendly cycling competitions will take place between 12-28 February 2021. During those two weeks only competitors with valid cycling licenses will be able to compete. To sum up, amateur cyclists and organisers of cycling events can look into the future with moderate optimism, but they have to wait with their favourite races at least until the end of February.

The published draft regulation leaves no illusions. It’s a good thing though that it’s so very frosty, it’s a little less…

Published by cycling portal #mtbxcpl Monday, February 8, 2021

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