Amateur cycling – bicycle investments flourish in spring

Amateur cycling – bicycle investments flourish in spring
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The days are getting warmer and warmer, which means that soon the Polish cycling paths, like every year at this time of the year, will be overrun by recreational cycling enthusiasts. It comes as no surprise, then, that new infrastructure dedicated to this popular discipline is already being built, and local governments, in partnership with bloggers, are encouraging everyone who enjoys spending their free time outdoors to ride bikes.

As part of the Wrocław Civic Budget, three completely new sections of pedestrian and bicycle paths will soon be built in the capital of Lower Silesia. The first of them, scheduled for completion this year, will run along the Dobra River, and its length will be 725 meters. The second one is a 1,238-meter-long route in Maślice, and the third one, 500 meters long, will be built along the Oława river. The city authorities emphasize that such a solution will be the most beneficial not only for the cyclists but also for the drivers.

?? A tender for the project of a pedestrian and bicycle route along the Oława riverfront has just been announced The project has been submitted under #WBO2020 and will complement last year’s activities on Krzywa Grobla ?

Published by Wrocław Citizens Budget Tuesday, 23 February 2021

As much as one million PLN will be spent on further reconstruction of the voivodeship road Bojanów-Kopki in Sójkowa, Jata and Jeżowe, where a new 2,5 meter wide pedestrian and bicycle path will soon appear. Everything seems to indicate that the problem with too much traffic in relation to the number of pedestrians and cyclists on this section, which has been going on for several years, will be solved. An extension of the existing section by another few hundred meters is planned for 2021.

The inhabitants of large agglomerations, such as Warsaw and Poznań, or smaller towns such as Czeladź, can also count on cycling investments. Moreover, more and more municipal bike rental stations are being built in our country, making it easier for recreational cycling enthusiasts to access their favourite activity.

The huge popularity of non-professional cycling is obviously connected with the increasing presence of that discipline in the media or literature. Recently a cycling guide has been published “Małopolska by Bike”written by well-known bloggers and enthusiasts of tourist expeditions, including Anita and Paweł Skowera (, Szymon Nitka (ZnajKraj), Wojciech Goj (Szlak wokół Tatr), or Ewa Świderska (Ewcyna). Let us remind you that Małopolska has been the leader in terms of bicycle routes – only in the recent years as many as 600 km of adapted sections have been built there!

“In Małopolska we are not only building bicycle routes, but we are intensifying activities in various areas to become a bicycle leader and thus revive the local economy” – stresses Tomasz Urynowicz, Deputy Marshal of Małopolska.

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