Aerobic training of a runner – how to train to have satisfaction from it?

Aerobic training of a runner – how to train to have satisfaction from it?
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Every runner should adapt the type of training to the level of running they are at, the goals they have set for themselves, as well as their individual preferences for exercise intensity. In this article, we explain what aerobic training is and what it should look like for a runner.

Low range training – you don’t have to get tired!

Many runners, especially beginners, make a similar mistake. They think that at every workout you have to give literally everything, because only under this condition you will see progress in athletic performance. This is not really a good solution, because the body, which is constantly exploited to the limit, at some point will start to rebel.

If you don’t feel like doing a strenuous training unit on a given day or you just want to run for pleasure, you should opt for aerobic training.

What is aerobic training?

In general there are two types of running training. One is aerobic training and the other, anaerobic training. The main difference is where the body gets the energy to exert itself during training. In aerobic training, the energy comes from aerobic metabolism, while in anaerobic training, glycogen is mostly broken down. Another difference is in the duration and intensity of training. Aerobic training is a sustained effort in the heart rate range of 50%-80% HRmax. Anaerobic training has a much higher intensity and shorter duration.

Want to go for aerobic training? Remember to run at a steady pace. Invest in a heart rate monitor or a watch to measure your training parameters. It will be easier to control your pace. Don’t speed up and keep your breathing even. If you’ve been training for some time and know your body’s capabilities, you can plan a long run at an aerobic capacity of, for example, one hour. Of course, if you are a beginner, the duration will be shorter.

Listen carefully to your own body during the entire workout. If you start running too fast, you will get out of breath. This will be the best sign that it is time to slow down.

Aerobic training for beginners

Have you had several attempts to start a regular running workout, but each time your motivation faded very quickly? The culprit may have been training too hard. Remember that if you haven’t exercised often enough, your body isn’t used to the effort. You can’t force it to work at a speed that far exceeds its capacity.

Instead of an intensive workout, opt for a leisurely jog. Still unable to run for several dozen minutes? Don’t worry – everyone started out at some point. With time you will build up a better capacity of your organism, but in the meantime concentrate on marching. This is a great option for those just starting out.

Combine walking with jogging. Gradually, with each workout, decrease the amount of time you walk and increase the amount of time you jog. Eventually there will come a day when you will be able to run a few kilometers without any problems.

Take care of the regeneration of your body

It may seem that aerobic training, during which you do not catch the seventh consecutive breathlessness, is such a small “nothing”. However, pay attention to the fact that the intensity of the effort is not everything. Also important is its duration. Aerobic training lasts much longer than anaerobic training. During aerobic training muscles are also working and therefore will need time to recover. Don’t plan your workouts day by day. Take a break and give your body the opportunity to rest. If you neglect this area, injuries may soon follow.

Plan your workouts in such a way that you enjoy running!

If you struggle internally every time you go out for a running workout, forcing yourself to do physical activity you don’t enjoy, your adventure with this sport will end sooner than you think. Don’t tire yourself to the limit, slow down your running pace and admire the beauty of the surrounding nature. You won’t even notice when you fall in love with running so much that you won’t be able to live without it!

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