10 reasons why you should start running

10 reasons why you should start running
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For some, running is a way to maintain a healthy body weight. Others find in it pure pleasure and an opportunity to rediscover the outdoors. Why should you decide to run?

1. Movement is healthy

Physical activity is recommended regardless of age. However, its type must be chosen according to the possibilities of the body. People who are overweight should get used to intensive walking before taking up jogging. Several quarters of an hour of activity per day will significantly reduce the likelihood of diseases, especially those of civilization, which are directly related to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

2. Reducing body fat

One of the ways to achieve a dream silhouette and reduce body fat to a satisfactory level is exercise. In combination with diet it can bring amazing results in a relatively short time. If you want to slim your thighs, get rid of the folds of fat from the abdominal area, then running will be a good means to achieve the goal. The more you turn up the pace in your workouts, the better results you are likely to achieve. On the other hand, long and steady runs will improve your muscle endurance.

3. Strengthen your muscles

Running is great not only for people who want to lose weight. During regular workouts, the muscles of the entire body are also strengthened, even those that a person didn’t know existed. This is perfectly visible in the case of a more intensive training unit, after which soreness can last for several days. If you want to strengthen muscles responsible for correct figure, running is for you.

4. Better mood

In a healthy body a healthy spirit is not just a slogan, but a reality for all runners. During physical effort, even of low intensity, endorphins, commonly known as hormones of happiness, start to be secreted in human body. Thanks to them a smile appears on your face! Running is also a great way to reduce stress. Are you upset with your boss at work? Go run it out, and you’ll feel better right away!

5. Pushing your limits

Do you like competition, especially with yourself? It’s perfect! By training regularly, you’ll quickly notice your sporting progress. From one workout to the next you’ll get better and better. Even if at first your maximum performance was to run one kilometer, after a few weeks you will be able to run much longer distances. Pushing yourself to your limits, testing your body’s capabilities and setting the bar higher and higher is great for boosting your self-esteem.

6. New friendships

The running community is a group of people who support each other. Greetings during training are a matter of course, although beginner runners may be a bit surprised that complete strangers suddenly smile at them, throw a casual “hello” or raise their hand in a gesture of greeting while running past. The common pursuit of passions strengthens the bonds between people. Are you suffering from loneliness? Start running and you’ll be surprised how quickly a group of positively twisted people will appear around you!

7. Having fun at the races

New contacts will sooner or later result in you and your friends going to a running competition. The first time you take part in such an organized competition remains in your memory for a long time, and the medal you win takes pride of place on the wall of glory in your home. Running competitions are a combination of adrenaline and great fun. With ultra running, there is another plus – a delicious menu along the route, which helps to recharge the batteries considerably!

8. Exploring the surroundings

Do you go for walks on well-trodden paths and have always lacked the time to check out what interesting things are hiding around the corner? Running is a great way to explore undiscovered nooks and crannies in your neighborhood – both near and far. Everyday training on the same route can become a bit boring over time, a person subconsciously starts to look for new opportunities, and this can result in interesting discoveries of unusual places, which, if not for the running training, he or she would never get to.

9. Stress reduction

“I’ve got the run for it” – these words can often be heard from people for whom running has become a way to reduce stress. How is it that the body experiences a purge of bad emotions during exercise? All thanks to endorphins! So if you want to drink a cocktail of happiness every day, put on your running shoes and head to a nearby park! A few laps and you’ll have a whole new perspective on your everyday problems!

10. Time for yourself

Do you need some alone time? Do you need to think about important issues and you’re always interrupted at home? Go out for a jog! Choose a path in the woods or among the fields where you’ll have closer contact with nature. Remember about safety though – avoid running alone after dark!

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