What should a solid football warm-up look like?

What should a solid football warm-up look like?
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Many factors contribute to a football player’s ultimate success. One of them is properly prepared warm-up, which helps to get into the rhythm of physical effort. How to properly warm up your body before training and a match? Learn our tips!

Why is the warm-up so important?

If you neglect the warm-up before intensive exercise, the consequences for the body can be fatal. You will quickly get injuries which will eliminate you from the upcoming games. The better you prepare your body for physical activity, the more you reduce the risk of injury. Remember that the warm-up should be done in the right way!

How to perform a football warm-up?

Each warm-up should consist of several elements. It cannot be too short, because then there is a risk that the muscles and joints will not be properly prepared for the effort. On the other hand, the warm-up should also not last too long, because in this case the body can get tired even before it actually makes a proper physical effort.

A properly performed warm-up aims at the proper adaptation of the athlete’s body to the physical effort. There are two most common types of warm-ups. These are active warm-ups and passive warm-ups. What are the differences between them?

Thepassive warm-up is a prelude to the warm-up proper. In this case, you warm up your muscles in a passive manner. You can focus on baths or massages. This is an important part of preparing the athlete’s body for strenuous exercise, but it does not replace the active warm-up.

Theactive warm-up is the actual warm-up performed before a match or before training. It is what allows you to slightly raise your body temperature and increase blood flow to the muscles.

Take care of a good warm-up, and you will see for yourself (or rather on your own joints and muscles) that you can minimize the risk of injury and painful injuries. Less risk of injury is a chance to get the most out of your entire playing season.

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What to focus on during the warm-up?

The warm-up plan should each time take into account the specifics of the particular physical effort. Tennis players, volleyball players and football players will prepare differently to the match. In the case of soccer players it is very important to increase the mobility of the joints. This can be achieved through stretching exercises.

During the warm-up, football players should mainly focus on the lower part of the body. For example, a skipping rope should be used. Short jogs will also help to increase the body temperature. You can increase your dynamic mobility by doing a series of jumping jacks. Focus on improving the mobility of your joints. Hip rotations and lower limb adduction and adduction are good exercises. Dynamic exercises with a ball can also serve as a warm-up.

Warm-up under the supervision of a trainer

You will achieve the best results if you practice under the guidance of a coach. A person who knows very well the needs of his players will be able to prepare an optimal warm-up plan, including all mandatory elements. Such exercises, if performed before every training session and match, will increase the mobility of the joints, as well as improve muscle performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The warm-up should take into account the training level of each player and external factors such as air temperature, for example. You need to plan the warm-up differently on a cold day and differently when the heat is pouring from the sky. The position of the player on the field must also be taken into account. A warm-up for a goalkeeper is different, and a forward will warm up in a different way.

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