How to start playing tennis? Some tips for beginners

How to start playing tennis? Some tips for beginners
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If you want to become world famous in tennis, you have to train intensively from an early age. However, the adventure with this sport is worth starting at any age. After all, it is one of the most popular social sports.

What equipment to choose to play?

Choosing the right equipment for the game is an absolute must. Take some time to test a few models of tennis rackets before you choose the right one. If the racket does not lie perfectly in your hand, the effects of training may not be visible. Starting your adventure with this sport, you do not have to reach for top-shelf models, the price of which can make your head spin. Tennis equipment manufacturers offer an interesting range of rackets designed for beginners.

What should you consider when choosing your first racket? Weight is crucial, especially if strong arms are not your thing. Choose a lightweight tennis racket to start with. This type of equipment allows for a greater range of motion and reduces the risk of injury during training. Beginners are also advised to choose soft rackets.

Learning on your own or under the supervision of a coach?

The way you train is another important issue, especially for beginners. You should consider whether you want to develop your sporting skills under the guidance of an experienced coach or on your own, e.g. with friends who have been spending every free moment on the tennis court for a long time.

While you can learn how to change a bulb in a car headlight by watching videos online, it is difficult to learn how to play tennis in this way. Practice makes perfect, and a professional coach will help you develop the correct technical habits that will result in faster progress. There’s no denying that professional tennis training is quite a costly endeavour, but it’s worth taking at least a few lessons to learn the correct playing technique.

Training off the court – what to bet on?

If you follow the skirmishes of tennis players in front of the TV, you may come to the conclusion that this is an easy and enjoyable sport. After all, there can be nothing difficult in waving the racket in different directions. If you make such an assumption, you will be very surprised at the very first practice. Every single set requires full concentration and commitment. It is also important to be in excellent physical condition – without it, no tennis player can withstand the pressure of a heavy workout.

Think about developing all muscle groups. In a tennis match, both strong arms, which enable you to hit the ball with precision and power, and athletic legs, which allow you to move around the court efficiently for long periods of time, play an important role. Complete your training plan with strength exercises and those that will help you improve your endurance. Pull-ups, push-ups and interval training are just some of the options you can use to strengthen your body even more.

Motivation – the key to success in any sport

Playing tennis is not easy. It’s a huge effort, which consists of many hours of intense training and hectoliters of sweat poured into perfecting the technique of strokes. In addition, do not forget about the time spent off the court for general training to strengthen the whole body. If you treat the game only in terms of entertainment and a way to spend time with friends, then the issue of lack of motivation to practice regularly will not be your problem.

However, if you want to achieve at least some success in this sport, you need to set yourself to intensive training. In this case motivation will be the key element. It may happen that you don’t want to leave the house because of worse mood or worse weather, but remember that only regular training allows you to achieve better and better results – in any sport.

How to ensure the right level of motivation? First set yourself specific goals that you want to achieve. It may be winning a local competition or beating a friend who has been holding a tennis racket in his hand much longer than you. Every time you don’t feel like going out to train, use the power of imagination to visualise a situation where your dream becomes reality. The urge to let go of a workout unit will go away, and you will head to the tennis court with renewed vigor.

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