Boxing workouts at home – how to go about it?

Boxing workouts at home – how to go about it?
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To train boxing, you do not have to go to a training club. This type of activity can also be successfully carried out at home. All you need is some basic boxing accessories, such as a punching bag and gloves. What should a proper home boxing workout look like step by step?

Types of Boxing Training

Boxing workout is a proven way to burn body fat, improve fitness and get rid of negative emotions. It can be done in several different ways. One of them is shadow boxing. What is it? This type of training consists in the fact that we imagine our opponent and pretend that we want to hit him. At the same time we react to his blows. This training technique works well in a small, narrow space. It allows to master the art of striking, correct leg work, as well as skillful use of the environment. Exercises of this type are best performed in the form of rounds lasting 3 minutes, between which there is a 1 minute break.

The second form of boxing training that works well in home conditions is working with a boxing bag. It allows you to work on dynamics, speed and punching power. What works best here is to do a few rounds of punches such as 3 minutes of shadow boxing and 1 minute of rest. After a few such rounds we move to tempos. First we perform 10 rounds lasting 20 seconds each, followed by a 40-second break.

A recommended exercise is a fast, dynamic boxing run using a punching bag. The exercising person can also stand steadily in a boxing position (at an appropriate distance from the bag) and perform straight punches with full hip twists and arm extensions. The most important thing is, of course, correct technique and to execute the punches as fast as possible. A punching bag can also help you de-stress and work on your punching power. To be able to achieve such an effect, you should be at a half distance, concentrating on hooks and hooks. They should be executed dynamically, with maximum force.

How else can boxing training look like? One of its elements can be different types of jumping on a skipping rope – on one leg, alternating, from side to side, with crossing the skipping rope during the jump, or with simultaneous high knee raises.

Home boxing training can also include exercises using a tennis ball. How should they look like? This involves moving in a boxing stance and simultaneously swinging the ball – once with the left hand, once with the right.

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Sample plan for a boxing workout at home

It should start with a 10-15 minute warm-up. The next stage is 3 rounds of 3 minutes each of shadow boxing. This is followed by punching bag exercises, again 3 reps lasting 3 minutes each. This is followed by another 3 rounds of jumping jacks, of course 3 minute repetitions. Then we move on to 10 rounds of tempo with a punching bag; work for 20 seconds and rest for 40 seconds. The next phase is 5 rounds of bag work at half distance; work for 15 seconds, then rest for 45 seconds. Next we move on to 3 rounds lasting 3 minutes each and bounce a tennis ball. The culmination of the home boxing workout should be stretching and muscle rolling.

What kind of exercises can amateur boxers do at home? These include the Russian twist (this is an exercise for the oblique muscles performed in a balanced sit-up), the straight mountain run (this is performed in a push-up position; it involves pulling first one knee and then the other knee to the chest) and the leg raise in an overhang (this exercise is performed on a bar).

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