The most popular swimming styles – how to swim well technically?

The most popular swimming styles – how to swim well technically?
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The most difficult part of learning to swim can be overcoming your fear of water. Once this stage is over, it’s time to polish your technique!

Swimming styles – how to learn to swim?

A visit to the pool should be associated primarily with pleasant and effective training, and not with a fight for survival. About the fact that the reality is far from ideal, you can find out, looking into a randomly selected swimming pool hall. Even a regular visitor to such a place does not have the difficult art of swimming mastered to perfection. The vast majority of people are just trying to stay afloat, waving their arms and legs clumsily. Sophisticated swimmers, on the other hand, have their technique perfected. You may turn green with envy, admiring their coordinated movements, thanks to which they move so smoothly in the water. The best way to effectively learn to swim, is to train under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

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Published by Hydra Swim Center Monday, 23 March 2020

Cracow wasn’t built in an instant – start with simple exercises

If you want to learn to swim and you dream of making your swimming technique perfect, then first of all you need to stop being afraid of water. Even a minimal fear can undo many hours of intense training. Trust the water and your skills. Lie down on the pool surface, straighten your body and drift calmly (under the supervision of a lifeguard, of course!). There are plenty of exercises that will help you conquer your fear of submerging your body completely underwater. If you can’t handle your fear on your own, be sure to sign up for swimming lessons with an experienced coach.

Swimming styles you should know

The backstroke or the popular frog is a classic that is mostly used by beginner swimmers. Those who are more persistent are able to master crawl or butterfly. These are the basic four swimming styles. Which of them will appeal to you the most? Each of them has its advantages. They all have one thing in common – effective swimming is possible thanks to perfect technique, and mastering it means long hours of intensive training at the pool. Remember that it is never too late to learn. Anyone can swim, both a child and an adult. Children master the swimming technique faster, but adults can also count on good results if they put some effort into their training.

Backstroke – how to swim on your back?

Backstroke swimming is an excellent form of relaxation after a day full of tensions. The backstroke is unique – not only is it relaxing, but it’s also good for your spine. If you don’t know how to swim yet, it’s a good idea to start learning backstroke. What effects can you achieve? Regular training will help to strengthen your back muscles. Thanks to that your spine will be less stressed. What do you have to remember when swimming the backstroke? The basis is the coordination of movements. The correct work of legs (they are the main driving force in this case) should ideally harmonize with the complementary rotary movement of arms.

Kraul – a difficult technique to master

If you want to cover the length of the pool at lightning speed, if you like your chest muscular and your arms solidly sculpted, there’s a good chance that the kraul will be your favorite swimming style! It’s no picnic. This technique requires from a swimmer a lot of strength. Arm reach and correct breathing also count. Remember about proper dynamics of your movements. It’s thanks to this that you’ll quickly flit from one end of the pool to the other.

Feel like a frog in the water!

When reviewing swimming styles, do not forget about the popular frog. This workout will help you correct your posture defects. Swimming frog, you engage in work many parts of the muscles. Thanks to that you have a chance to develop your figure evenly. Swimming frog is a big effort. This has its advantages, because one training allows you to burn a huge number of calories! The secret is in the correct technique. The idea is to move your legs and arms in the right way. Initially, your hands should be joined together. Separating your hands, make a circular motion in the water. Work on a similar principle with your legs. Also, remember to breathe properly and don’t be afraid to submerge your entire head underwater!

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