Tasty snacks during the training period

Tasty snacks during the training period
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The caloric demand of adults who regularly participate in various sports disciplines often exceeds the norm established by world nutrition institutes. This is particularly the case during the training period when we lose a lot of energy and electrolytes in a relatively short time. That’s when it’s worth reaching for a quick, healthy and preferably tasty snack that will instantly provide us with additional energy needed for further physical effort. Here are some proven suggestions.

Natural energy bars

This is one of the most popular training snacks, widely used even by professional athletes, including tennis players and athletes. Energy bars based on natural ingredients such as whole grain oatmeal, flaxseed or dried fruit provide the body with a solid dose of healthy carbohydrates, which translates into a rapid increase in energy. In addition, they are easy to digest, are an additional source of dietary fiber, and many of them also have a low glycemic index. There are also more and more flavours available on the market – from classic fruit to quite exotic mixtures with the addition of cinnamon, cashew nuts or coconut.

Cereal balls

An inconspicuous but very filling snack that you can take with you virtually anywhere – to the sports field, tennis court or running track. It is ideal for breaks between exercises, as well as after training. Cereal balls are usually available in two variants: sweet and salty. The former combines cereals, nuts and dried fruit, while the latter adds small pieces of dried vegetables and aromatic spices to the cereal. You can prepare this type of snack yourself or buy it in a health food store, for example https://onedaymore.pl/sklep/grupa/snacks/.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

The sight of ski jumpers eating bananas during the competition has already entered the canon of Polish sport. However, there is nothing strange about it, because it is unprocessed fruit and vegetables that are a natural vitamin bomb and at the same time give a short-term energy boost.

Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, mandarins) contain the most carbohydrates, fibre and potassium, which can also be consumed as freshly squeezed juices or smoothies. The majority of physical activity enthusiasts opt for traditional fruits, such as the already mentioned bananas, apples, strawberries (popular especially among tennis players) and blueberries.

Yogurts, shakes and protein shakes

Snacks in liquid form due to their consistency are even better absorbed than the above mentioned snacks, therefore they are recommended especially before a training unit. In addition to carbohydrates, this way you can load your body with a substantial amount of protein, which will have a positive effect on the process of building muscle mass. The most widely available are natural yogurts, which contain a variety of nutrients (including calcium, potassium, magnesium), and the good bacteria contained in them help maintain a healthy intestinal flora.

If you prefer more pronounced flavors, you can opt for the popular protein shakes or shakes available in many flavors. They go perfectly with various additives such as fruit, ground nuts or fitness flakes. It’s worth eating them after training to speed up recovery and stimulate the growth of muscle tissue.

Wondering what is the best thing to eat after the gym? Check out our recipes for protein shakes…

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Fit salads with vegetables and/or fish

A tasty yet healthy snack for physically active people does not have to be sweet at all. Sometimes it is also worth betting on a mini-meal composed of easily digestible ingredients, such as green vegetables or lean fish (cod, bream, pike). Preparation of such a salad requires neither too much time nor advanced culinary skills. Besides, there are many more advantages – choosing this kind of snack, we will supply ourselves with a number of micro and macroelements, vitamins from almost all groups, or beneficial acids, which are necessary for proper functioning.

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