Martial arts for beginners – where to start?

Martial arts for beginners – where to start?
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Martial arts is a term used to refer to various types of hand-to-hand or barehand combat. Their key element is the use of one’s strength in a wise, rational manner. This should lead not to competition but to the spiritual development of the individual. What are the most popular martial arts? Which of them are best suited to beginners?

Martial arts as a tool for development

As has already been mentioned, martial arts not only develop the body but also contribute to the development of the mind. This is possible thanks, among other things, to discipline. It makes the practitioner more and more disciplined. The development of the mind is in this case based on composure and patience. In martial arts there is very rarely a confrontation between competitors. If it does occur, it is of an educational nature.

Martial arts and combat sports

What is the difference between combat sports and martial arts? The first of them appeared much later, only at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. They depart from the philosophical character of martial arts, where the priority is the lack of aggression and maintaining calm. The main difference between sports and martial arts is their purpose. The former are based on competition with the competitor. The key role here is played by external motivation and the desire to gain various types of awards for victory. As sports force competitors to compete, activity here is devoid of spiritual value.

Why is it worth practising martial arts?

Why should you start your adventure with martial arts today? They are an excellent way to relieve stress. They effectively improve physical fitness and the state of health of the body. Additionally, martial arts guarantee peace of mind and provide a sense of security. It is also a great way of mastering the art of self-control and developing good habits. People who have been practising martial arts for years are disciplined and poised. This type of activity can be undertaken at any age.

Types of martial arts

Kung-fu – is a martial art originating from China. The movements performed by the fighters are based on the natural behaviors of wild animals. We are dealing here with different styles, among others crane, leopard or monkey. The aim of kung fu training is to achieve a balance between body and mind. It includes both hand-to-hand combat and fighting with white weapons.

Ju-jitsu is the martial art from which all other Japanese techniques are derived. The key points here are gentleness and softness of movements. In order to train ju-jitsu, one must be flexible. Here is a martial art that allows you to bring down your opponent very quickly. It works very well in self-defense.

Aikido – is a martial art which is based on synchronization of body movements and breathing. Extracting one’s own internal energy and maintaining calm is extremely important here. Movements performed here are intended to neutralize a threat and use the strength of the attacker against him. To be able to train Aikido, one must be perceptive, fast and agile.

Karate – is a martial art whose main purpose is self-defense without the use of weapons. It focuses on striking with the arms and legs. Each punch is accompanied by a shout, which is intended to give strength and confuse the opponent.

Judo is a Japanese martial art that aims at self-improvement. It focuses on agility and speed.

Taekwondo – this martial art originally served as a fighting system for the Korean military. Individuals who practice taekwondo pledge to be courageous, persistent, and reliable. It is a martial art that focuses on improving physical fitness.

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