Gaining weight before a fight – how do the best fighters do it?

Gaining weight before a fight – how do the best fighters do it?
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Each of the fights at the gala has a certain weight limit, so the fighters do their best to fit into it. Gaining weight a few days before the fight is a relatively safe and common practice.

Why do the fighters decide to cut weight quickly?

The simplest explanation is the weight limit set before the fight. Each fight takes place in a specific category – for example featherweight, strawweight or heavyweight. Each of these categories has a weight limit, which cannot be exceeded by any of the competitors. Failure to stay within the set limit can lead to disqualification before the fight even begins. Lower weight also allows for relative strength. It means, that the competitor weighing 150kg, who is able to press 120kg weight on the barbell, has the average level of strength in relation to the weight. It is different in the case of lighter athletes, who are able to lift the same weight with much less mass. One can then determine that the strength is relatively greater on the side of the lighter competitor. Thanks to these parameters it can be estimated even before the fight which of the sportsmen will deliver stronger and more dangerous blows. Therefore, the weight has a gigantic significance both before the fight and during it

How to lose weight?

The absolute basis in the process of losing weight is… common sense. A safe weight loss in a short time is possible only when it concerns 5 to 8 kilograms. If a week before the fight the competitor realizes that he has to lose more than 10kg, he can already prepare for the next gala. The right method is to monitor the weight earlier, a few days or a week before the fight. The last few dozen hours before the competition may be crucial during the fight, that is why losing weight should always take place under constant supervision of specialists and doctors. An important aspect of the weight loss process is not to reduce the predisposition of the competitor. Dehydrated and exhausted body will not be able to undertake any effective work in the ring or cage. There are several ways of losing weight quickly and the best competitors use them depending on their individual preferences and the capacity of their bodies.

Limiting fluid intake

One of the easiest ways to lose weight. Systematic restriction of water intake should begin about 5 days before the official weigh-in. During this time, you increase your water intake by several liters on the first day, while increasing your salt intake. The combination of water and sodium found in salt leads to a hormonal reaction, during which water is excreted from the body along with urine. During the following days the fluid intake is gradually reduced, and about 3 days before the fight the salt is reduced to a minimum. For the last 24 hours before the weigh-in the competitor should limit the water intake to the necessary level and on the weigh-in day not to drink anything from the morning. Fluids should be systematically replenished immediately after the weigh-in. It is a safe and at the same time effective method which has saved the skin of many an athlete

Sweating out

Sweating is another effective way to get rid of water from the body. The natural way for an athlete is to sweat while performing physical exercises. The tremendous exertion in training is something that gala participants face before a fight anyway – regardless of whether they want to cut weight. When it comes to the exercises that help you sweat the most, jumping rope, running or riding a stationary bike are great. You can also sweat yourself out by using a sauna, preferably in intervals of several minutes, during the breaks for weight control. It is worth remembering that each visit to the sauna must be combined with the necessary replenishment of fluids in small amounts. Not drinking water after a grueling workout or sweating it out can lead to dehydration and loss of pre-fight strength.

Emptying the bowels

Among the well-known methods of weight loss is also bowel emptying. By taking laxatives and reducing food intake, the body is able to lose up to 2 to 4 pounds in just one day! This method is most commonly used 24 hours before a fight or weigh-in, but be sure to stay hydrated when using it. Food from the previous day is deposited in the human intestines, which can greatly affect body weight. Getting rid of it, cleanses the intestines, supports the digestive system and stimulates metabolic processes. Cleansing the intestines is one of the healthiest ways to shed pounds before weighing in.

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