Child on skis – when to start learning to ski?

Child on skis – when to start learning to ski?
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Winter skiing is your passion, which you want to share with your child? Check when you can start teaching your child to ski and what are the most popular learning methods.

The best time to learn to ski? The earlier, the better!

There is a well-known saying that what goes around comes around when you are young, comes around when you are old. This is a reference to both negative and positive traits. The moral of the story is that the earlier you start learning, the faster you will get results. To master an art to perfection, a person needs about 10,000 hours of training, or at least that’s what one popular theory on personal development says.

Children have much better ability to assimilate knowledge and new skills than adults. It is worth introducing children to sport from an early age, of course the type of activity and its intensity should be adjusted to the abilities of a small organism. The first classes at the swimming pool are organized already for a few months old toddlers, of course under the watchful eye of the parents. And at what age can you start teaching your child to ski?

A three-year-old on skis – is it a good age?

Are you wondering whether you can already go skiing with your three-year-old or still stick to the tried-and-true sledding? When your child is three years old you can try the first lessons under the supervision of an instructor. However, it is important to remember that the bones are still forming at this age, so you can’t overdo the intensity of the training. Much also depends on the child himself and his predispositions. Skiing is like walking – for some children, the time to acquire new skills comes earlier, while for other children, you have to wait a little longer for the best moment.

How to know that the child is ready to take the first steps on two boards? A huge role in this regard plays the psyche. The child must have the right attitude and willingness to learn. And above all – he can not be afraid that he will be alone with a ski instructor. If you want to teach your child to ski, it’s worth finding out in advance at the local ski school, from what age the instructors accept children under their wings. For some, it will not be a problem for a three-year-old child, while in other skiing schools you will find a minimum age limit of five years.

The better motor skills a child has, the earlier they can start skiing. Often, however, the ambitions of parents prevail over the capabilities and safety of the child. Then the ski instructor should step in, who will clearly determine whether the child can already start skiing, or better to wait until the next season.

How to prepare a child for learning to ski?

Skiing or snowboarding without prior preparation is the shortest way to injury for adults, let alone children. Before the child is sent to the slope, it is worth that the adventure with sport began a little earlier. A good start for the skeletal and muscular system is playing in the pool. You can also develop the child’s motor skills during the first bike rides.

There is one more thing to remember. There will still be time for a rigorous sports training regime. If you want your toddler to love sports, and not get discouraged with it at the first contact, then during the learning process, bet above all on good fun. Time spent on the slopes, whether with you or with a ski instructor should pass in a pleasant atmosphere.

Do not worry if your child does not make progress after the first few days, “Krakow was not built in a day”. Sometimes it takes time for a child to unlock and start skiing on the slope. Skiing requires proper technique, but also overcoming one’s fears. Show patience, and soon you will see how the toddler himself wants to overcome more and more difficult routes.

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