Light meals for summer for the physically active

Light meals for summer for the physically active
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The beginning of summer marks the beginning of the season for fresh produce, which perfectly complements a light and healthy diet during the summer heat. What can you make of them to enrich your menu during the sports season?

Cream soups

Blended soups based on seasonal vegetables are an ideal meal for physically active people. This is because this dish contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support the proper functioning of the body, do not burden the digestive system and adapt to the individual needs of each athlete. Cream soups taste good both as the main course and as a quick snack after training, which supplements the microelements lost during physical effort. In summer, the most nutritious soups can be prepared from asparagus, green peas, young carrots, beets, zucchini, raspberry tomatoes, or eggplant.

Fruit smoothies

A healthy alternative to big breakfasts or snacks after exercise can be fruit smoothies. In summer, a variety of seasonal fruits can be used to prepare them, which, grown on organic crops, have many desirable nutrients and vitamins.

In fruit cocktails based on kefirs, milk, natural yoghurts or buttermilk, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, plums, currants or blueberries work best. To increase the nutritional value of the smoothie you can add to it oatmeal or your favorite seeds.

Salads with fresh vegetables

In summer, one of the tastiest and healthiest bases for a light salad is fresh arugula or butter lettuce. In summer you can grow these vegetables yourself in your garden or even on your balcony, so it is worth creating your own garden. The salad can be supplemented with seasonal vegetables such as asparagus, broad beans, young carrots, chard, cucumbers or green beans.

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Traditional dinner with potatoes

In summer, a dinner that was prepared in the family home on hot days is also ideal. Boiled new potatoes, a fried egg and lettuce with cream or fresh cucumber mishmash are ideal for lovers of simple dishes. A healthy meal is easy to digest, does not burden the stomach and provides the body with all the necessary nutrients in the form of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibre and starch.

A sample menu for one day

People who are physically active should take care to provide the body with a large dose of energy from the very morning. For this reason you can start the day with oatmeal with fresh fruit and a cup of black coffee. Before training it is worth to drink a fruit shake prepared beforehand, which will provide the body with protein needed to build quality muscle tissue. The lost nutrients should be replenished immediately after the intense exercise, for example, with a box of fresh fruits or vegetables mixed with your favorite nuts or pumpkin seeds. For lunch you can prepare a cream soup or new potatoes with an egg and some vegetables, and as a side dish you can cook a healthy compote of fruit, such as apples. As an afternoon snack, another smoothie or a vegan cake based on seasonal fruits, such as rhubarb, will work great. As the last meal of the day, you can eat a light salad, which will satisfy the feeling of hunger, but will not burden the body before bedtime, so that in the morning you will not feel overloaded stomach or abdominal pain.

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