Ice diving – is it safe?

Ice diving – is it safe?
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Going under the water surface itself seems to be an extreme feat. Diving under the ice requires even more determination, considerable courage and experience.

Ice diving – what is it?

As you can easily guess from the very name of this activity, all the fun of ice diving comes from the fact of descending below the surface of a frozen lake. Such an adventure (at least in Polish conditions), is significantly limited in terms of time. The most favorable period for ice diving is winter, but in recent years the winters are getting milder and it is more and more difficult to find ideal conditions for ice diving. Ice diving is an exceptionally attractive form of spending free time. It requires great concentration, good physical fitness and proper training. Without prior completion of a specialized course, it is better not to go under the ice. Concern for your own safety should always come first. So what to do to make ice diving safe?

Team diving – teamwork is the basis!

Diving is not an individual activity, although it may seem that since the diver goes under the surface of the water or ice by himself, there is nothing to prevent him from diving alone. This is not the case – on the contrary, the first safety rule is to always dive at least in a group of several people. Cohesive team and experienced partner, is a guarantee that in case of any problems you will receive quick and professional assistance. In a group it’s always better – there are more ideas on where to dive, and together it’s much easier to make a hole in the frozen surface of the lake.

Ice diving, despite appearances, is very safe and is a great form of recreation on snow and ice….

Published by Active Divers Diving Club Monday, 25 January 2021

Elementary safety rules for ice diving

For the sake of your own safety always verify the thickness of the ice before you decide to dive. 10 cm can be considered a safe limit, although when the air temperature is positive, it is worth adding a few extra centimeters to this value. Although natural cracks in the ice may seem tempting (you don’t have to cut a hole yourself), avoid such places like the proverbial fire. Weakened ice can begin to crack uncontrollably, and this is the first step to tragedy. When diving, always carry a sharp knife – you will be able to use it in an emergency. Before each dive, carefully check your equipment. It must be in full working order – even a seemingly small defect may prove to be very dangerous. Bet on proven solutions. Floating ropes are a reasonable choice in this case.

Remember about thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is extremely important. Take care not to unnecessarily cool down your body. Invest in a proper wetsuit – it should be thick. When you get out of the water, warm up your body. However, do not drink alcohol – this is very careless and dangerous. If you do your best to follow the basic safety rules while ice diving, you will have a chance to experience an amazing adventure in beautiful natural circumstances!

Ice diving – how to start?

Do you want to try ice diving? Before you get to this level of diving initiation, you have a long way to go. First take care of your health. See a doctor and inform him about the idea of a new passion. A good solution may be a visit to a sports doctor who knows the specificity of this physical activity. He or she will be able to order the necessary tests that will allow for a comprehensive assessment of your health. Another issue is fitness. Don’t neglect exercise – build up your body’s strength and endurance. You can do it in many ways, but if you want to achieve optimal progress, establish a training plan in consultation with a personal trainer. Remember that the most important thing is to get the right knowledge and experience. An ice diving course should be the first step to realizing your dream of diving under a frozen sheet of ice.

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