Gadgets useful during running training

Gadgets useful during running training
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Running is a physical activity that is becoming more and more popular every year. Do you belong to the group of people who can’t imagine a successful day without running training? Here are interesting gadgets that will come in handy during your workout!

Running is a year-round physical activity

Contrary to the belief of many people, running is a physical activity that can be practiced all year round without much difficulty. Of course, the largest number of runners training in parks or residential streets can be found in the spring, when nature awakens to life, and the desire to improve the efficiency of the body awakes in a person.

The closer we get to the end of the year, the more and more crowded the running routes become. In the winter only the most persistent people train, although it is enough to wear appropriate clothing and even falling snow or stronger wind will not be an obstacle to go out regularly for a run. If you want to make your training even more enjoyable, invest in running accessories that will make your workout more comfortable.

Wear a hat or at least a multi-purpose scarf

Headwear is useful at any time of the year. Whether you opt for the popular baseball cap or choose a trendy multi-functional scarf will be entirely your decision. There are no better or worse solutions here. There is a group of runners who can’t imagine training without a baseball cap, and there are others who only wear a multi-purpose scarf on their head.

However, don’t go out for a workout without any headgear, regardless of the season. On a sunny day, a hat or multi-functional sling will protect you from excessive sunlight. On colder days, it will provide thermal comfort.

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Wear comfortable socks

If you have read the guides to the beginnings of your adventure with running, you certainly read a lot about choosing the right running shoes. Don’t forget that taking care of runner’s feet doesn’t end with shoes. Properly chosen socks also play an important role, especially when running on wet forest terrain.

Choose them according to the intensity and length of your workout, as well as the prevailing weather conditions and the specific nature of the ground you are running on. Especially waterproof socks designed for outdoor running enjoy a good opinion among users. With such a solution, you can forget about cauliflower on your feet!

Measuring workout parameters

Do you like to analyze each training unit for its effectiveness? Then you’ll need sports gadgets that allow you to measure individual training parameters.

Pulsometer or running watch? Before you choose, consider your budget (professional sports watches are much more expensive than heart rate monitors) and the information you need to analyze your progress. If you only want to measure your workout time and the length of the route you run, then you can use a free app that you install on your cell phone.

Running backpack for longer distances

Do you like long runs? Do you often run distances of at least 20 kilometers? Do you train in an area where you can’t count on a grocery store on every street corner and you need to have basic provisions with you at all times? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then a small running backpack should be a must-have among your sports accessories.

Even though it is small, it has been designed in such a way that you can fit everything you need during training and competitions on longer distances. You can easily put a snack in a running backpack, fit your cell phone and documents in it. Most models have a special pocket for the camelbag – a great solution that allows you to drink while running. Running backpacks also usually have pockets in the front for softlugs – an extra supply of water. There will be enough room in the backpack to stash a rain jacket. Don’t forget the NRC film, too!

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