Not just a whistle – mandatory equipment for a football referee

Not just a whistle – mandatory equipment for a football referee
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During the match the greatest attention is focused on the players, but also on the referee. His good preparation is no less important than that of the players.

The sound of the whistle, the raising of the flag, the raising of a yellow or a red card – all this sometimes makes the referee stay on the lips of the spectators throughout the match (and sometimes even after it). The show is played under his dictation, the ball cannot be in play without his permission. Therefore, in order to control the situation, send quick and specific messages without getting into discussions, he needs a set of essential tools.


This is the absolute basis. However, you should know that not every one will work during a match. The best whistles have a metal housing. Professional plastic pipes such as Blast CMG Safety will also work. Their price is not overwhelming and usually fit in the range of several dozen PLN. It is also worth buying a leash for it. Running around the pitch for 90 minutes with a whistle in your hand is unacceptable.

The flag

The linesman signals offences such as offside, out-of-bounds or corner kick, but he can also indicate the spot for a free kick with the use of the flag. In top-level matches, the referees use so-called beepers, i.e. flags with electronic transmitters. The receiver is located at the head referee, who gets immediate information from a colleague on the line when something happens. The price of such a device can be from a thousand to even three thousand zlotys.


Every referee needs a professional sports watch, which will allow him to divide the match into halves, take into account the time for overtime, etc. And all this under the watchful “eye” of a mounted stopwatch. Special watches have also sound signals, so that the referee does not miss the end of time.


Terrifying yellow and red cards must have the main referee when he goes out on the pitch. He will use them to punish players in emergency situations, such as fouls and foul play (e.g. with the hand, or the goalkeeper’s overstretching his kick in stoppage time). The cards should be kept hidden in a notebook where the names of players who receive them will be written (names and numbers are never written directly on the cards). The price of a set does not exceed 25 PLN.


The obligatory equipment of a football referee includes:
– a whistle…

Published by Jan Gawle Monday, November 16, 2020

Dress code of a football referee

The referee, just like any other person who goes out on the field, must have good football jams. In ordinary shoes no one will let anyone on the turf. Another issue is the clothes. The referee has to stand out from the players. Especially for referees there are even whole ready-made sets, which you can buy for about 90 zlotys. There are no rules about the length of the sleeves, it depends on the weather. However, it is worth taking care of such an outfit, which will have a pouch on the chest, matching a notebook with cards.

Moreover, like every football player, apart from the plugs, the referee must have knee-high leggings, under which there are protectors. This is another indispensable element of every referee, or in fact every participant of the match. Without pads there is no game – before the first pass there is always a “search”, whether each player has both the plugs and pads.

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