Mountain running – where to start?

Mountain running – where to start?
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Do you want to take on new challenges? Meet new places and people? Choose mountain running – a sport that has been growing in popularity recently!

You may be surprised, but mountain running is for everyone! You set your own pace, choose your route and the supplies in your backpack. Set a route with a bit more moderate uphill stretches, take only the most necessary things with you and set off on the trail! You will find that this physical activity is an unforgettable adventure every time! Mountain running doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Think of them as faster hikes with a light backpack! Willingness and positive attitude are the most important!

Preparing for your first mountain run

As in any sport, mountain running also requires proper preparation. We are talking about your condition, but also clothing or knowledge. Therefore, at the very beginning improve your condition, run short distances, and then a little longer distances on easy routes. Thanks to this on mountain routes you will not get tired after a few hundred meters. Many people assume that mountain running is not for them because of the difficulty level and length of the trails – this is a mistake! You don’t have to choose difficult terrain and long distances. At the beginning, a few kilometers with slight hills will be enough. Everyone starts somewhere! Then, you’ll move on to a slightly higher level – you’ll run a half-marathon, you’ll decide to try your hand at a marathon to reach the last stage, that is an ultra run. This last type of mountain run is completed only by the most persistent people. There are several hundred kilometers to run!

Appropriate clothing and equipment

Shoes – regular running shoes may not be enough. Bet on those with an aggressive, slightly harder tread, which will stabilize the run. Don’t forget that shoes need to be comfortable first and foremost. You will find out about it and you will know the difference in comfort after running a few dozen kilometers;

clothing – in this case you do not need something special. Everyone dresses as they feel comfortable. The most important thing is to adjust your clothes to the conditions. Do not wear too many layers of clothing. It is not difficult to get cold. Always have an extra layer in your backpack, just in case;

– abackpack, preferably light, well-fitted to the shape of your back and shoulders. It cannot interfere with your running. It must be spacious but not too big. It should hold your cell phone, provisions, water and an NRC foil;

– NRCfoil – don’t forget it. Mountainous terrain means higher risk of injury, plus when you run alone, help may not come for a long time. A thermal blanket has proven its worth many times on such routes. You should have it first;

Headlamp – not necessary, but worth having. It will be useful when you run before sunrise or after sunset. It will be indispensable when good visibility is difficult. Numerous obstacles on mountain or forest trails could be difficult without a headlamp;

GPS locator – if you do not use location in your phone or you are afraid of range loss or low battery, choose locator. Thanks to it, finding you in a critical situation will not be a problem.

As you can see, mountain running requires a financial contribution – certainly more than regular jogging on flat terrains, so choose your equipment wisely and gradually. At the very beginning of your adventure with this physical activity you will run on easier trails, accessible to everyone. A locator, headlamp, or NRC foil will not be necessary. Proper shoes and clothing are a must, but it’s not a big expense after all. Clothing you probably have at home, and shoes for running on uneven terrain can be bought for as little as PLN 170-180.

Shopping for running gear?

Although you can leave a fortune at sporting goods stores, a runner’s basic equipment…

Published by Running Magazine Monday, June 22, 2020

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