Top 11 places in the world for wreck diving

Top 11 places in the world for wreck diving
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Planning to visit shipwrecks this vacation? Are you looking for interesting suggestions? You’ve hit the jackpot – here’s a list of the 10 most interesting wrecks that you simply must see in your lifetime!

1.Thistlegorm, Egypt

The ship was built in 1940. It was sunk two years later during the battles for North Africa. It was 126 meters long, so there is plenty to see! To see the ship you can take off from the port of Hurghada (38 miles). 

2. Shotan Maru

A magnificent warship that sank in the Philippine Sea. Getting there is not easy, but the views are magnificent. The area is also alive with orcas, which you can take some photos of. 

3. Dolphin, Baltic

A must-see for any adventurer in Poland. “Dolphin” was a reconnaissance ship that was sunk… on purpose! In 1957 the “Delfin” was used as a training ship for a bombardment team. Today it can be visited in all its underwater splendor.

4. Usat Liberty, Bali 

Located a stone’s throw from the Balinese shore, this ship is a real gem. It is another wreck that was sunk as a result of actions during World War II. Its history meant that it was first cast ashore, only to be engulfed by the sea over time.

5. SS President Cooldige, Vanuatu

This is one of the largest ships you can visit. A huge luxury liner that was used by the Allies to transport troops. Unfortunately, in 1942 it hit two mines, which immediately sent the “President” to the bottom. 

6. Titanic 

Just as the title suggests – you can visit the famous ship that crashed into an iceberg. Based on this story, one of the most popular films in history was recorded, namely “Titanic”. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap affair. The cost of the tour is about 400 thousand zlotys, but it will certainly be something to look at!

7. Persitera, an ancient ship in Greece

Not far from the island of Alonissos is the first wreck from the ancient period that has been opened to the public. It dates back to the 5th century BC. This is one of the most interesting places to see at all!

8. Roman ship off the coast of Spain

Another remarkable discovery is a ship off the coast of Villajoyos. It was a merchant ship that sank more than 2,000 years ago. Today, under the guidance of archaeologists and specialists, you can visit this historical monument.

9. Blackjack B17 aircraft

New Guinea is home to one of the most interesting World War II monuments. It is a powerful aircraft, also known as the “flying fortress.” It belonged to the American fighter. It was shot down by the Japanese in 1943. 

10. Fujikawa Maru

This, in turn, is a Japanese freighter. One of the largest to be seen. At the same time, it has been preserved in almost perfect condition, and its mysteries are still not fully uncovered! It was sunk at the end of the war in 44.

11. USS Oriskany

It could not be missing from this list. An American aircraft carrier that was deliberately sunk to create an artificial reef. Its size is impressive, as it is 275 meters long!

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