How do you properly match soccer shoes to the type of surface?

How do you properly match soccer shoes to the type of surface?
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Indoor, screw, turf – for a layman it is an incomprehensible code, but a soccer lover knows very well that it is about shoes for the game. The basic difference in their purpose concerns the type of surface on which the match is played.

What surfaces can you play soccer on?

When you were a kid, you probably played soccer with your buddies wherever you could. You didn’t care whether it was a piece of concrete in front of the block or a pitch with a professional surface. Over the years, however, you’ve come to realize that playing surfaces can be different, just like soccer shoes are different. Soccer playing surfaces can be divided into hard surfaces and soft surfaces. It also happens that some people play on snow. When the weather is very bad, the practice or match has to be moved to the hall.

Why is the right choice of footwear so important?

Not everyone may know it, but long-distance runners, who cover dozens and sometimes even hundreds of kilometers in difficult terrain during sports competitions, make the final decision on what shoes they will run in only after a thorough study of the route specifications. With all the data, they can opt for a more aggressive or softer tread. The correct choice will determine the comfort of the subsequent run, which in turn will translate into the final sports result. The same is true for soccer shoes as well. It’s rather difficult to imagine that someone would be fully comfortable playing indoors in traffic jams designed for the turf. And certainly the surface in the sports facility would suffer.


How to choose the right football shoe for the surface? Find the answer in the video below!

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Published by FootballPro Thursday 11 April 2019

Shoes for indoor games

Popular indoor shoes. Their sole is smooth, providing perfect grip on the ground located in the sports hall. Some models have additional reinforcement of the tip of the shoe to make the game more comfortable. If you wear them on the turf, you risk spraining your ankle. When choosing indoor shoes, pay attention not only to the price or the manufacturer’s reputation. It is important to choose the correct shoe size and select a model that is comfortable.

Shoes for playing on hard surfaces

If you plan to play mainly on hard surfaces, you should invest in lank boots. It is probably (besides indoor shoes) the most popular type of shoes dedicated to soccer lovers. They are characterized by the material from which the sole has been made. Pins are mounted on the plastic bottom of the shoe. They may be rubber or plastic.


This is a different type of footwear for playing football. You won’t find the characteristic pegs on them – instead, they have a lot of finer knobs. They work well on soft surfaces. You can easily play a match in them on artificial turf or even on a gravel pitch. Such shoes can be found in the collections of major sports footwear manufacturers.

Football boot markings, photo: GKS Sztorm Kosakowo

Take care of safety and comfort of the game

If you properly choose the type of sports shoes for the type of surface, on which training or a match will take place, you will not only significantly increase the comfort of your game, but also improve safety. Poorly fitting shoes mean a greater risk of injury. Each type of sports shoes for soccer is characterized by a slightly different surface. The solutions used in each model are aimed at providing the player with the best possible grip on a particular ground. This will keep the foot in the shoe stable and reduce the risk of twisting your ankle while playing soccer.

The price, brand or maybe comfort – what to pay attention to?

When buying shoes to play soccer, be guided primarily by your own comfort. It’s better to play in shoes from a lesser-known manufacturer, which hold the foot well and do not rub, than in shoes from the latest collection, in which the foot for the entire 90 minutes of the game will only tire. Try on the shoes and make sure you get the right size. Choose good quality shoes, then there is a chance that they will last you for more than one season. Remember to use the shoes as intended, otherwise you may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

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