Chess – intensive training for the mind

Chess – intensive training for the mind
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If someone is looking for an activity that develops strategic thinking and at the same time is not technically demanding, they should definitely try chess.

A fierce game of chess is not, to put it mildly, the first association that comes to mind when we think of sports. Nevertheless, this royal game officially counts among them, which is confirmed by the International Olympic Committee. After all, it is a form of competition, although obviously significantly different from other disciplines.

Why should one begin an adventure with chess?

First of all, chess is a game which forces you to move your head. Each game is in fact a new story. To emerge victorious from it, one must show perspicacity and a sense of strategy. Moreover, this unusual sport develops character traits such as patience and willingness to sacrifice.

Although chess is not a team game, it can be used to strengthen interpersonal bonds. Like any sport, it is largely based on mutual respect. The game is not as dynamic as, for example, soccer or basketball, which allows for a friendly conversation with the opponent during the game.

One of the greatest advantages of chess is its universality. In order to start playing, one does not need any special equipment, suitable weather conditions, or a designated place. It is enough to have a chess board with figures inside. Such a set will easily fit into any bag or backpack. Chess can be played almost anywhere.

Preparations for a game

The first step is, of course, to get familiar with the range of moves that each figure has. There are no particularly sophisticated configurations, so moving around the board becomes instinctive in no time.

The first move always belongs to white. At this point things get a bit complicated, because just being able to move the pieces correctly is not enough to start the game in a beneficial way. For this purpose, it’s worth to get acquainted with popular openings readily available on the web. One of them is the Sicilian defense shown in the video below.

In order to win the game it’s often crucial to gain control over the center of the board – this is the area you should pay special attention to. Taking control of the center makes it much easier to launch attacks and at the same time prevents the opponent from deploying his forces freely. In this way the advantage of the player controlling the center will become more and more visible with every move.

Chess is not a discipline for those who give up easily. There is no better way to grow than to play hundreds of games against different opponents. Failures – instead of discouraging – should be treated as additional motivation and, above all, as a valuable lesson for the future. In this discipline, patience and self-denial will always be rewarded.

Chess – development and entertainment

Playing chess guarantees much more than just the improvement of analytical thinking. It can also be a pleasant way to spend free time. Thanks to the aforementioned versatility, it will be perfect as a way to spend a day in the comfort of your home.

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