The most effective wrestling techniques and holds

The most effective wrestling techniques and holds
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Wrestling is not a mindless brawl. Every move is precisely choreographed, and there is no room or time for error on the mat.

Fighting styles

In wrestling, i.e. standing fights (the so-called stand-up fights, although there can also be variants of ground fighting), whose aim is to pin the opponent to the ground, we distinguish two main ways of fighting, or styles. These are classical style and free style. The basic distinction is that in the former it is not allowed to use any holds involving the legs, for example “hooks”.

The most popular holds in wrestling

Grapples are the basic movements in this sport. Their purpose is to take the initiative as quickly as possible and, as a result, gain an advantage over the opponent. The whole movement consists of two consecutive elements, namely the grip and the action. The most popular (their popularity of course is not accidental) are: suples, cart and the legendary nelson.


One thing cannot be denied for this technique: spectacularity. The second thing would be effectiveness. It consists of grasping the opponent from behind, the hands encircle the waist area and then a great muscular effort is made to lift and topple the opponent to the mat. This technique was performed fantastically by Pole Katarzyna Krawczyk.

Nelson’s hold

The whole movement consists of applying a clamp in the fight, which almost from the spot incapacitates the opponent. Hands slide under the shoulders of the opponent and entwine hands on his neck. Such a clasp makes it almost impossible for the opponent to launch any counterattack.

The “double Nelson” is also known. Particularly interesting is the history of the technique, which was invented by British Admiral Nelson, who had his opponents incapacitated in this way in famous battles (including Abukir and Trafalgar).


The grip is performed on the first floor. It consists in embracing the opponent in half (from behind) and throwing him to the side. We put our hand under the lying opponent, and then we join it with the other one (it is best to grab not by the hand, but by the forearm), jamming the opponent in a very strong grip. Then the mentioned flip of the opponent takes place.

Free style

Freestyle, which allows an attack on the legs, differs from the classic style in their use in a fight. As a result, the repertoire of techniques, which the competitors can use during the fight, is significantly expanded, to mention the hooking technique.

When going down to the legs the most important thing is to avoid the hands, for example by picking them up from the bottom, thanks to which we open the way to the lower part of the opponent’s body. Then we move to one-legged kneeling and from this position we can already attack the opponent.

Featured photo: Herbert Aust / Pixabay

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