Football protectors without secrets – how do they work and what are they made of?

Football protectors without secrets – how do they work and what are they made of?
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In a footballer’s career, not only work ethic and talent play an extremely important role, but also susceptibility to various types of injuries. One of the most effective ways to minimize the number of injuries are properly fitted protectors. Here’s everything you need to know about them!

Football protectors – construction 

Football protectors are certainly not among the complicated accessories, so their construction is also relatively simple. The classic versions of this equipment consist of a hard outer plate (usually made of polypropylene) and soft foam on the inside. The players’ ankles, on the other hand, are protected by a compression plastic material with plastic inserts located in the most injury-prone areas. It is worth bearing in mind that the construction of the protectors will vary slightly depending on their type.

Football protectors – function 

The primary function of football protectors is to protect the so-called shin, the most injury-prone part of the leg. Many soccer players have had the dubious pleasure of seeing for themselves that sometimes all it takes is a moment of inattention for a rival to inadvertently hit the unprotected part of the leg instead of the ball. Apart from the fact that a kick to the tibia is nothing pleasant, it can additionally exclude us from the game for months. So not only professional players, but also amateurs should invest in soccer protectors.

Football protectors – choice 

When choosing protectors, we should pay attention first of all to our own comfort – they must be most simply comfortable. The key issue here is size, as the equipment must be neither too big nor too small. Only protectors that fit perfectly to the leg will be able to perform their function. Fortunately, manufacturers now offer an extremely wide range of options, so every soccer adept will find something for himself.

Football protectors – types

When it comes to comfort of use, it is also worth being aware of the existence of three types of soccer protectors. Each of them differs both in construction and specifics, and each finds its amateurs. Which type of protector will be best for you? Here’s a brief overview of them! 

Shin protectors

The most common type of soccer protectors. They are probably the ones we have in front of our eyes when we talk about such sports accessories. This equipment is equipped with special straps, due to which the protectors do not move on the footballer’s legs during the match, and as a result do not interfere with the game.

Protectors with compression sleeves

Protectors that consist only of a protective plate that slides under the gaiters. Compensation in this case is provided by so-called compression sleeves, which are worn over the protectors to keep the equipment in the correct position.

Shin and ankle protectors

Equipment usually chosen by the youngest soccer players – for professional play this type of protectors is too heavy and can negatively affect the dynamics of the player. However, they provide the greatest safety, protecting both the tibia and the ankle joint with the help of an extension at the bottom.

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