Can you play amateur sports after receiving the first dose of the vaccine? Experts agree

Can you play amateur sports after receiving the first dose of the vaccine? Experts agree
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COVID-19 vaccines, which have appeared in Poland relatively recently, have both a large number of supporters and declared opponents. Both groups include amateur athletes. So what is the situation with physical activity immediately after receiving the vaccine?

Since December 27 until the publication of this article more than 250 thousand people have been vaccinated in our country. This raises a number of questions, many of which have to do with sports. Is it possible to practice right after getting vaccinated? Or is it better to wait at least a few days for your own safety? So far we have not seen any official recommendations, but experienced, reputable family doctors dispel the doubts of Poles.

Dr. Michał Domaszewski argues that although practicing sports is not on the list of contraindications given by the vaccine manufacturer, for the first few days we should not unnecessarily strain the body. Rest and quietness are conducive to the production of antibodies – a key process in the context of returning to full form. Domaszewski’s recommendation applies to any vaccine we take. The break in training is not necessary, but highly recommended.

Dr. Michał Sutkowski, the head of Warsaw’s Family Doctors, expressed a similar opinion. In his private life, the running enthusiast and participant of several dozen marathons suggests 1 to 3 days of break in order not to burden the already weakened organism after the vaccination.

So, in terms of sporting activities after vaccination against COVID-19, experts agree – all decisions should be made in accordance with yourself and your body, but a short rest will certainly not hurt.

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