How to start your adventure with sport shooting?

How to start your adventure with sport shooting?
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Safe firearms shooting is one of the hobbies that is gaining more and more popularity in Poland. How to prepare for it?

A visit to a shooting range and classes with an instructor

The first step to start the adventure with sport shooting is to attend classes at a shooting range. During a meeting with an instructor the participant will not only receive theoretical knowledge about the technique of holding a weapon, the way of shooting or the basic safety rules at the range, but will also have a chance to shoot a few test bullets.

After the first classes it will be possible to estimate whether the sport is interesting and worth further training. If you decide to continue your hobby, it is worth joining a shooting club, where you can develop your skills under the supervision of a chosen instructor. The club is also a great opportunity to meet other shooting enthusiasts and exchange valuable comments on training.

Participation in a shooting club is a relatively high cost, but it brings with it numerous benefits, such as free entry to the shooting range or participation in amateur competitions. Players who are not interested in constant participation in the life of the club can sign up for a professional shooting course. Theoretical classes and practice last a total of 3 months, and the entire training ends with an exam passed by the Polish Shooting Sports Association.

Permission to shoot

During the classes with an instructor at the shooting range you do not need to have your own weapon, ammunition or permit. The fee for the course or single classes includes the rental of a chosen model of weapon. Before entering the facility you must identify yourself and leave your basic data. Facilities suitable for shooting can be found in every bigger city, so there shouldn’t be much problem with access to a shooting range

Interestingly, places for training in sport shooting can be found on some military training grounds. A gun permit is required by the organizers of the classes only if the participant comes to the meeting with his own equipment. In this situation, in addition to the ID card, he must show the serial number of the weapon and the official document confirming the permission to use firearms.

Who can practice the sport and how much does it cost?

The issue of the age of the players and the prices of individual services depends largely on the specific shooting facilities. According to the law in force in Poland, any person over 18 years of age can use the services of a shooting range. In case of younger people a parent’s consent or presence is required. It is worth remembering, however, that not all shooting ranges offer classes for minors, so it is worth checking all the information carefully before planning a visit.

Prices of specific classes depend on the particular facility, but single classes can be found for between 300 and about 600 PLN. Each lesson lasts from 30 to a maximum of 45 minutes. Much higher prices include entire shooting courses. In this case, the amounts you need to be prepared for start at the rate of 2000 PLN

As you gain more experience, you can start renting a shooting range on your own. The standard price of renting a track for 30 minutes is from 30 to about 50 zlotys, ammunition depending on the type of weapon from 1 to 15 zlotys per cartridge, and the weapon itself about 150 zlotys for half an hour.

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