Which bike for city and which one for off-road? We suggest!

Which bike for city and which one for off-road? We suggest!
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Choosing the right bike for riding around town and over more challenging terrain is not the easiest of tasks. There are several types of bikes and their characteristics to consider. See which bike to choose.

Trekking bikes

This is an ideal solution for people who need a bike for both city riding and off-road. Trekking bikes are popular among people of all ages. Their design allows you to assume a comfortable position, so you can easily ride even more difficult routes. This type of bicycles can be used on asphalt, dirt and gravel roads. Their main purpose is for expeditions, but they also work well as city bikes. They are equipped with a rack to carry small loads and mudguards so you can ride even when it’s wet.

City bikes

As the name suggests, they are designed for city riding. They are best suited for people who need a vehicle for their daily commute. They also work well for short recreational trips. City bikes are often sold with a basket already installed, which will certainly come in handy in the city, for example when shopping. In addition, they are usually equipped with a bell, which may prove indispensable on bicycle paths.

Thanks to its large and narrow wheels, a city bike rolls more easily. In addition, it has great ease of standing and starting, which is very important when riding in the city. This type of bike is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates the attractive appearance of the vehicle.

Cross bikes

This is another solution ideal for people who want one bike to move both in the city and off-road. Cross bikes are characterized by adaptation to riding in different conditions. They are also not very prone to breakdowns. The downside of this model, however, is a fairly small number of accessories. However, if you do not pay much attention to this, this is the perfect bike for you. Instead, they have wide wheels and a large number of gears.

MTB bikes

These are nothing but mountain bikes. They are mainly designed for riding on more difficult terrains. They have long frames and are low, so not everyone will like riding them. They have very good brakes, but they also have wide tires, which may not be beneficial when riding on asphalt. Their very big advantage is good cushioning, which will allow you to move freely on even the toughest trails.

Electric bikes

This is one of the most versatile solutions. Types of electric bikes available on the market are tailored to the needs of everyone – both people who want to ride around town and go off-road. Manufacturers offer electric bikes: urban, MTB, cross and trekking.

This model allows to relieve the cyclist from pedaling, which is especially useful in case of demanding terrain or when we want to move faster. The speed achieved by the bicycle can be controlled and regulated.

When choosing a bike for city and off-road riding, the main focus should be on how you treat riding a unicycle. If you will be riding only in the city, a city bike is the best choice. If, however, in addition to short routes on bicycle paths, you plan to go further, choose a cross or trekking bike. And if you need your bike to go further and harder routes, a MTB bike will be perfect for you.

Main photo: Philipp M/pexels.com

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