The biggest running events of the winter – where can you participate?

The biggest running events of the winter – where can you participate?
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During this frosty season you should not give up on your activity, that is why there are at least several interesting sports events organized in Poland. Check out where they will take place!

Mountain running

There is something appealing in the mountains, especially in winter. For this reason, we can rejoice that the Kapija Sports Group is preparing new undertakings. The organization has a large number of upcoming events in its schedule, among them stands out especially the Annogorsk ultramarathon, which is a run among picturesque landscapes on two routes: 30 kilometers or 50 kilometers. The event starts on January 17, also straight from there you can go to… Runmageddon!


Widely known and popular among athletes extreme run with obstacles. Although the summer edition is most often talked about, Runmageddon also takes place in winter. This year the magnificent challenge has been announced for January 22/23, 2022. The event will take place in one of the most beautiful places in Mazovia, at the confluence of the Vistula and Narva rivers – in Modlin Castle. The winter edition of Runmageddon is a must for every fan of sport, especially running!

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