Essential accessories for the winter runner

Essential accessories for the winter runner
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Jogging outdoors in cold weather can be just as healthy and comfortable as doing it in warm weather. However, it is important to prepare properly for winter running and choose the necessary accessories.


It goes without saying that it is impossible to run in traditional athletic shoes during the winter, especially when it snows. It is worth investing in shoes that are suitable for exercising in sub-zero temperatures, have a high level of waterproofness and good grip. However, not every runner wants to buy separate shoes for the winter season.

Spiked overlays are the perfect gadget to match the shoes you already own. Spikes on the sole will protect against slipping and falling, increase grip, and make it easier to run uphill. For winter running, it may also be useful to use running shoes or snow shoes. Crampons are equipped with metal teeth and chains, which stabilize the shoe and help to overcome the snow-covered route. Stuptuts are ankle protectors that help you keep your balance, prevent snow from falling into your shoes, and protect the upper of your footwear

Thermoactive clothing

When you’re running in the winter, you can’t go without clothes that keep your body at the right temperature. Thermoactive clothing is made of a special material with a thick and dense structure, which does not allow the body to get cold without overheating.

Professional clothing is equipped with a system of heat energy exchange. Prices of sets of pants, underwear, shirts or sweatshirts start from relatively low prices, and they give big effects during winter jogging

Windproof jacket

Runners often prefer to run in just sweatpants without wearing a jacket. However, this habit is worth changing during the winter season. A windbreaker jacket protects you from uncomfortable gusts, keeps your muscles from getting cold and reduces the risk of getting a cold or flu.

When deciding to buy a jacket, it’s worth checking its water resistance level, because in addition to protecting you from the wind, it can also prevent you from getting wet when running in the rain or snow.

Chimney, hat, gloves

Essential elements of a runner’s closet during winter. Unpleasant cold and wind blowing in your face and eyes can be very disruptive to your free running, so it’s worth protecting these areas as much as possible.

Special products prepared for use during winter are made of light, waterproof and air permeable materials. Thanks to this, you can breathe freely in a chimney sweater pulled over your nose, and your face is not exposed to frostbite. The gloves protect your hands from the cold and make running more comfortable.


A headlamp for running increases visibility, not only of the surroundings for the runner, but also of himself for passersby, cyclists and nearby cars. Using a headlamp increases the athlete’s safety and allows to perform training in the afternoons.

In the winter season, the sun sets around 4 p.m., which is why most runners choose to either go for a morning jog or use a headlamp. By using it, you can also run freely in less lit areas, parks, and even wooded areas.


In addition to a head flashlight, which increases the visibility of the runner, it is also worth investing in reflectors. These can be part of your clothing, such as sewn into your sweatshirt or shoes. However, if there are no reflective elements in your running clothes, you should purchase at least one headband or tag to increase your safety.

On poorly lit roads, near a busy street or even in the city center, it is a good idea to use reflectors in winter, wear them, thereby informing passersby, cyclists and drivers of your presence on the street or sidewalk.

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