What should a diver’s equipment contain?

What should a diver’s equipment contain?
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Going under the surface of the water you need to take care not only of the comfort of diving, but above all, proper safety. Find out what a professional diver should be equipped with.

Diver’s equipment – take care of your safety

Diving, whether in a lake or the ocean, certainly is not a sport for everyone. You need to be not only brave and athletic to decide on such an adventure, but also enjoy good health.

Many people see scuba diving as an extreme hobby and there is some truth in that. Dangers lurk underwater at every turn. In order to improve comfort and reduce the risk of unforeseen events, it is worth investing in appropriate diving equipment.

ABC of diver, or what equipment will be good for the beginning?

The first step is always the hardest. Before you become a professional diver, who will not be afraid of adventures in the depths of the oceans, you need to get used to the depths, darkness and other difficulties that await you underwater.

At the beginning of your adventure with diving you do not need very advanced equipment. You just need diving ABC, which is absolutely basic equipment. Such a set consists of three elements: a mask, a snorkel and fins.

ABC of a diver?
If you start your adventure with diving, it’s worth to get the ABC equipment at the very beginning 🙂 But what it …

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The deeper under the water, the more equipment

With diving ABC you will not go too deep underwater. If you dream of real underwater expeditions, then you need to invest in additional equipment. In order to stay underwater longer, you will need access to oxygen, after all, you are not a fish.

What will you need? Such an expedition is not without an oxygen cylinder, a breathing machine and a life vest. It is also worth mentioning the auxiliary equipment. Such an investment (although a little expensive), will certainly significantly improve the comfort of diving. The auxiliary equipment consists of, among others, wetsuit, boots, balaclava or weight.

What to look for when choosing diving equipment?

When considering what diving equipment to buy, you first need to decide in what direction you are going to go. Are you interested only in snorkeling (in this case diving ABC will be completely sufficient) or maybe you are passionate about cave diving?

When choosing equipment, make sure that it is of good quality. As a novice diver you probably won’t want to invest in high-end products, but consult with the seller of your purchase, so that diving is as safe as possible. You can choose from a wide range of equipment. Just take a look at the variety of diving masks that are available in specialty stores (these include single glass, split glass, and panoramic masks).

What do I need to do to become a diver?

You want to start your adventure with diving? Great! But you have to meet a few conditions. The first point is health. Even small health ailments, which normally do not bother us too much in normal functioning, under water may prove to be deadly.

If you have any problems with your heart, you struggle with high blood pressure, your joints ache or you are always complaining about your sinuses, it is necessary to consult a doctor before you decide to go underwater. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for a referral for preventive examinations. The more thoroughly you examine yourself, the more certain you’ll be about your health and the more fearlessly you’ll be able to start your diving adventure.

Once you have received your doctor’s approval, you need to think about the choice of school. This sport requires knowledge and specific skills that you can’t acquire on your own. Only training under the supervision of experienced divers will give you a fully professional training that will enable you to dive safely in the future. Prices of such courses vary from a few hundred (700-900 PLN) to even a few thousand PLN.

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