Diving on apnea, or freediving – how to prepare properly?

Diving on apnea, or freediving – how to prepare properly?
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Want to find out what lies beneath the surface of the water? Hold your breath and dive in! Freediving is gaining more and more followers.

Do you always need an oxygen bottle to dive?

What image appears in your head when you think of diving? Probably it is a man in a special suit, who is wearing a ton of specialized equipment. After all, how to dive without oxygen? It turns out that you can! There are two ways to do it. The first is snoorkeling, which is diving just below the water surface without a cylinder. Diver breathes through the snorkel sticking out above the water surface. The second option is freediving, or apneic diving.

How to start adventure with diving on hold?

Of course you can practice on your own. However, if you care about visible progress and in addition you want to learn proper apnea diving technique, the best option will be a specialized course. Under the supervision of a trainer you will become skilled in apnea diving. Remember that diving is not only fun, but also involves numerous risks. During the course you will learn how to recognize them and what to do in order to safely get out of any trouble.

How to dive safely?

First of all, you need to have knowledge and practice. There is no substitute for practice. Proper preparation will make you better prepared to dive in any conditions. Take into account that freediving is a specific type of diving. You can rely only on the efficiency of your own body. When it fails, you cannot count on the support of an oxygen cylinder. To make the whole adventure safe, never dive alone. Always go for an exploration of the underwater space with a partner.

Where can you dive on hold?

You have many opportunities to pursue your passion. If you want, you can dive in any pool. However, the real fun is breathless diving in open water. This is when you will have the opportunity to admire the underwater world of colorful flora and fauna. Start, however, with a swimming pool – this is where you will acquire the necessary skills. Once you feel more confident, you can set off to explore the nearby lake.

How to prepare for an apnea dive?

As mentioned above, you will need a proper course. Without training under the guidance of someone with experience, acquiring skills can be much more difficult. Check if such a course is organized in your area. Enroll in a school for divers. Diving course is not only an effective way to gain the necessary skills, but also a chance to meet people with a similar passion. Maybe during the course you will make friends, which later will allow you to organize underwater expeditions?

Do you want to dive while holding your breath? Take care of excellent condition. Without it there can be no question of effective swimming. Quit stimulants as soon as possible, especially smoking. In apneic diving, lung capacity plays a key role. Tar contained in cigarettes weakens the lungs and makes them unable to work at one hundred percent of their capacity. Think about a general workout. Lose excess weight. Strengthen the muscles that will be needed to swim faster.

What equipment is worth investing in when thinking about freediving?

The plus side of freediving is that you don’t need specialized equipment for it. All you need is a basic ABC of a diver, which you can complete for a few hundred zlotys. What will you need? You need to think about fins, a mask and a snorkel.

The mask should fit tightly to your face. Choose one that has a wide field of view. Another thing is the fins. They have to fit properly. Only then you will be able to quickly and efficiently overcome the underwater depths. And one more thing – a snorkel. Choose the one which is designed for freediving. You can also think about a professional diving suit. It will come in handy especially when diving in open bodies of water.

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