Classic, diamond, teardrop – which type of paddle racquet to choose?

Classic, diamond, teardrop – which type of paddle racquet to choose?
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In addition to the weight and material of the paddle racket, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the racket, which determines the way you play as well as the precision of each hit.

Classic round

A racket with a round form is a solution dedicated to beginner players. This type of racket is the least demanding and allows more control over the ball. The center of gravity of the racquet is located at the bottom and therefore it bounces best with the central part of the racquet. This allows new players to learn the correct way to bounce more quickly, feel the position of the racket in their hand during touchdowns, and are free to practice the precision of their strokes.

The round racket is also a better option for defensive players who want to place the ball on the opponent’s side with great accuracy. Interestingly, despite its maneuverability, the racket is relatively slow. In practice, this means that the ball does not pick up much speed after impact, which can be especially desirable for the early stages of training.


The second type of racket available on the market is the diamond. These types of models are the most popular choice among advanced players or those playing at a professional level.

The fully balanced head of the racquet allows you to increase your hitting power and accelerate the ball in flight. However, when making a strike, remember that the best place to apply the racquet to the ball is at the top of the ball, just below the edge of the equipment.

The diamond gives you less control over the ball and does not allow you to hit the ball accurately. On the other hand, the balance of the racket allows you to maximize its power. A model in this shape is recommended mainly for players who are characterized on the court by an offensive stance and a fast attack.


The most versatile model for players who want to regularly train the game of paddle. As specialists emphasize, the teardrop is the perfect blend of hitting power and ball control. Thanks to the right balance, the racket is suitable for both fast and powerful play, as well as slower, precise defensive play.

The best place to put the racket on the ball during impact is between the center of the racket and its top edge. This is where the ball gains power from the racket and takes the direction given to it at impact. The teardrop is the best choice for players who want to develop their skills not only in technical hitting, but also in power. It can be used freely by beginners as well as professionals such as top WPT paddle champions Alejandro Galán and Fernando Belasteguín.

Paddle rackets are constantly changing shape..

So far, three classic rackets have been popular:

? round – …

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Which racquet to choose?

Choosing the right racket is an important issue, especially for players beginning their adventure with padel. It is worth knowing that the discipline is so accessible and easy to master that new players may start training even on advanced rackets.

However, the decision about the choice of equipment is important because with a particular model, a player gets used to the style of play and the way of hitting, which is difficult to change with time. Before buying, therefore, it is worthwhile to have several workouts with each model, so that you can feel for yourself which one best suits the individual needs of the player.

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