Exercises to improve basketball technique that can be done at home

Exercises to improve basketball technique that can be done at home
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In spite of appearances, basketball technique can be honed not only on the court, but also at home or in the backyard. Learn about the most popular exercises that help you increase your control over the ball and improve the effectiveness of your plays.

Proven ways to improve your basketball technique

To improve your basketball technique, training should be done regularly, even several times a week. How should they look step by step? The first stage is a warm-up, which takes about 15-20 minutes. This may include exercises such as running in place, jumping jacks or squats.

Exercises for basketball beginners and more

Below is a set of exercises that can be performed while learning to play basketball. These work well for both children and adults:

Scapegoating the ball between the legs on the march – we scapegoat the ball with the right and left hand between the legs, all the while moving forward. This exercise effectively develops motor coordination;

Eight – lower the body slightly, straddle the body, and then move the ball between the legs in such a way that its path is similar to the number 8. This is a proven way to improve the efficiency of the ball;

Left to Right Scapegoating – this exercise consists of passing the ball as quickly as possible by scapegoating it from the left hand to the right hand. Gradually lower the body position;

– Toss –toss the ball over the head and perform as many claps as possible;

Both sides toss – hold the ball at waist level. Both sides toss – hold the ball at waist level, then toss it up and catch it behind your back.

Exercise for balance

Start your home basketball workout with a balance exercise that effectively improves both strength, stability and overall motor coordination. It’s a great way to strengthen your body, improve your playing position and improve your basketball technique. How does this exercise work step by step? Stand on one leg, catch the ball with both hands and move it from the bottom to the top until the arms are straight above the head. Then change sides. While performing this exercise, look in front of you at all times. Do 10 repetitions on each leg and gradually increase the number of repetitions from one training session to the next.

Training to improve passing

Passing is an essential skill for any real basketball player. How to develop it effectively? Bending legs, catch the ball with two hands at chest height and push, then bounce it off the wall. This should be done quickly and accurately at the same time, trying to hit the same spot each time.

One-handed somersaulting with bent legs

This is an extremely simple exercise to improve control of the ball during the scramble, as well as increase coordination, speed, and hand strength. How should it look like? Stand wide with your knees bent, look forward, and then trot the ball with one hand. The ball should be knocked from the side of the body and touched with the palm of the hand at knee height. At first, take it easy and gradually increase the strength of the kick with each movement. After approximately 60 seconds, change sides and hands. With time, both the length and strength of the scapegoat can be gradually increased. After completing several series of exercises, the exercise can be made slightly more difficult by adding trunk rotation. Start from the side on which the ball is rolled and gradually rotate the body while looking in front of the body. Repeat the movement several times and change the hand and the side of rotation. If you are a bit more advanced, you may try to use two balls at the same time. How to do this exercise correctly? The rebounds should be vigorous. The ball should be controlled with the inside of the hand and the fingertips.

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