Sports perfect for summer!

Sports perfect for summer!
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Summer is the time of year that encourages active outdoor recreation. It is also a great opportunity to try some less popular sports. Here is a brief overview of the most interesting of them.


SUP or Stand Up Paddle is one of the most popular holiday sports of the last few seasons. It is a combination of surfing and kayaking. It is based on holding on to a board drifting on the surface of the water and steering it with a special paddle. SUP is a sport that can be mastered in just a few hours. It requires a lot of concentration and the ability to maintain balance. Stand Up Paddle can be successfully practiced by people of all ages. The board used during the ride is similar to a surfboard. However, it is slightly wider, which makes it easier to maintain balance. Additionally, the board is covered with special material or foam with anti-slip properties.

Electric scooter

Such vehicles can be found in more and more Polish cities. It is an interesting way to move around the city. Electric scooter is stable and twisting, which makes it take only a few moments to master the skill of riding with its help. It works well for both small and slightly longer distances.


Flyboarding is an ideal sport for all water sports enthusiasts who dream of flying above water. It is a combination of swimming, jumping and flying. Flyboard is a device invented in 2011 by Zapata Racing. It was originally intended to be used to swim with dolphins at high speeds. Flyboard makes it possible to perform various stunts – both in the air and in the water. With its help it is possible to rise up to a height of 18 meters.


Skimboarding is a sport that consists in sliding on water. At first glance it looks a bit like surfing. However, as it turns out, this is only a pretense. Skimboarding is not practiced in the water, but on the shore. The idea is to run up to the wave, throw a special board on the wet sand, and jump on it, making a slide. Skimboarding is an excellent pastime for people of all ages, especially for children. The ideal board for this sport should be durable and flexible. We especially recommend models made of polyester and polyurethane foam.


Frisbee is a sport that consists of throwing a disc and catching it in flight. There are two types of the game: freestyle frisbee and ultimate frisbee. The first one is based on performing various tricks, such as throwing the disc over oneself or spinning it on one’s finger. When it comes to ultimate frisbee, on the other hand, it is a team game that consists in reaching the end zones. This sport is somewhat similar to rugby. Frisbee is a great way to spend free time with friends. It can be played both on the beach and in the backyard. The disc takes up very little space, which makes it easy to fit into any bag or backpack. Frisbee prices start from several dozen PLN.


People who got bored with kitesurfing, a sport that consists in moving on water on a board using a kite, can try their hand at landkiting. It is a land-based version of the above mentioned discipline. What does it consist of? The idea of this sport is to perform various kinds of stunts on a skateboard connected to a kite which is several meters long. Beginners can replace the board with a special baggy type of cart, which allows a half-lying position and guarantees a higher level of safety. Landkiting is an excellent choice for all lovers of adrenaline and unusual experiences. This discipline can be successfully practiced by people of all ages.

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