Vacations in Mallorca – how to prepare for departure?

Vacations in Mallorca – how to prepare for departure?
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Mallorca is one of the unique places where tourists from all over the world flock to. The Spanish island tempts ordinary travelers and celebrities. This place delights not only fabulously beautiful beaches, but also mountain landscapes. There are a number of luxurious places on the island where you can spend your time pleasantly. Going to Majorca, it is worthwhile to properly prepare. How? Check out what you need to know before departure.

Take care of entertainment and safety during your vacation

Are you planning a vacation in Mallorca? If you are not using the All Inclusive option, where you are provided with entertainment from a travel agency, it is worth preparing a preliminary plan of sightseeing. Purchase a map and mark on it the most important points that you would like to visit. You may be able to discover some new sports attractions.

Additionally, find out if you can rent a car locally – this will make traveling much easier. Find places where you would like to dine. Also, do not forget about insurance – this you buy before you show up at the airport. Thanks to this, your vacation in Mallorca will not only be successful, but also safe.

Going to Spain? Prepare yourself and buy travel insurance

Deciding to travel to Spain should decide well in advance to issue a basic EHIC card, which entitles you to benefit from insurance in the EU. However, you must remember that this solution does not always work and you never know what may happen on holiday. So it is definitely better to have additional insurance and be sure that in case of an unexpected situation you are safe and have access to proper care.

If you have travel insurance, you don’t have to worry about a quote from the place where you were treated – you will always be reimbursed for the costs you incurred. In practice this means that you do not have to search for the right facility – you can use both public and private care. The important thing is that you get help immediately. In the case of public treatment you just need to show your EHIC card, while in a private place your insurance policy number.

Medical costs – how to choose the insurance for Mallorca?

Mallorca is part of Spain, so on its territory you can use the EHIC, or European Health Insurance Card. However, it is worth bearing in mind that this card does not cover all costs associated with treatment. Among other things, it does not cover medical transport to the country, which is often necessary. You must also remember that you are going to an island, so access to public facilities may be difficult, and then the only solution is private surgeries.

Travel insurance covers all medical costs, and in addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, also those of the virus. So you can count on, among other things:

  • performance of necessary tests,
  • hospitalization and treatment,
  • accommodation and food because of the quarantine period,
  • return to the country after the quarantine.

A properly selected insurance package gives you a wide range of possibilities and guarantees safety. You can choose it for example on the website

When going to Majorca, you should remember that additional insurance is not required. In theory, you should be enough as guaranteed by the EHIC. For your safety and the safety of your loved ones, it is much more prudent to decide to take out an additional policy.

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