How to dress for cycling in the summer season?

How to dress for cycling in the summer season?
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The sunny weather and high temperatures have begun in earnest, so it’s a good idea to take care of your health and safety by dressing appropriately before heading out on the bike.


Cycling top is one of the most important parts of the outfit, which affects the comfort during cycling. On hot days, the body sweats a lot during exercise, so it is worth taking care that the jersey is made of an appropriate material. It is important that the fabric is breathable, absorbs moisture and does not stick to the wet body. Special material will help regulate body temperature and protect against possible overheating. When cycling in the sunshine, a short-sleeved T-shirt will work better, as exposed arms are easy to burn. What’s more, a T-shirt is better for carrying a bag or backpack on your back, which can rub off exposed skin and irritate the epidermis unpleasantly, creating painful wounds.

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Published by Force Bike Poland Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Short shorts

Cyclists can count on a wide range of stores offering an assortment of specialty clothing. A key component of cycling shorts is a special insert that increases comfort while riding, reduces friction against the saddle and reduces soreness in the buttock muscles during long rides. The insole built into the shorts should conform to the shape of the body without creating discomfort. As standard, the material of the cycling insole is antibacterial and does not irritate the skin. As with the jersey, the material of the cycling shorts should provide good ventilation, absorb sweat and not stick to the skin. The length of the shorts is adjusted to the individual rider’s preference, but in the summer season they are usually short shorts to mid-thigh or knee length.

Thermoactive underwear

An equally important part of cycling clothing in the summer season is proper underwear. In high temperatures and during physical effort it is not difficult to chafing the skin or overheating, so it is worth choosing underwear that can reduce the risk of such ailments. A set of thermoactive underwear is not only panties or bra, but also socks, which wick away the temperature and moisture from the shoes. The material of which the underwear is made should be gentle to the skin, well adapted to the shape of the body and breathable. It is a good idea to take a change of underwear, especially socks, with you on a long run. Rashes on the feet are very painful, uncomfortable and can prevent your next bike workout.

Helmet / head protection

The question of what to wear over your head during summer cycling is very individual. Some riders, also concerned about their safety, will put on a helmet without hesitation, but on hot days an ill-fitting helmet can cause great discomfort during training. One of the more popular solutions is a baseball cap. Made of airy and thin material, it protects the head from the sun, casts shade on the face and improves riding comfort. Some riders may also opt for a small hat or cloth cap. The most important thing to remember is to have headgear that will protect you from the strong sunlight and possible stroke or burn.


The last thing you must pay attention to when choosing an outfit for a bike ride is the choice of protectors. During a journey on city streets hardly any cyclist uses protectors, however during intensive training it is worth to take care about your safety. Knee and elbow pads should be the basic element. Some riders choose cycling gloves to protect their hands from abrasions. In the summer season protectors should especially appear on the body of the cyclist, because in case of a fall the skin is not protected by any additional material in the form of a sweatshirt or long pants.

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