Hit like Irving and Curry! How to make effective personal shots in basketball?

Hit like Irving and Curry! How to make effective personal shots in basketball?
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Basketball is a great sport that we used to play not only during physical education classes. More and more often there are basketball courts in Orlikki, next to the soccer field. In this article you will learn the basic principles of technique of personal throws, which are an integral part of the game.

The ABC of basketball

Like any sport, basketball has its ironclad rules that must be remembered before entering the court.

Introducing the ball into the game – equals the beginning of the match. The spot is always indicated by the referee.

Referee’s throw – is the throw that starts the match.

“Dead ball ” – means a situation in which the ball cannot be played, such as when a point is scored or a foul has occurred. “Live ball ” – is the term for the resumption of play.

Steps – a maximum of two steps can be taken with the ball.

Covering – an element of defensive play, it consists of the most simple covering of an opponent so that he does not receive the ball during the action.

personal – unauthorized contact between a player and an opponent,
two-sided –when players of both teams commit an offense at the same time. The referee then orders the resumption from the team, which was already in possession of the ball.
technical – the most characteristic foul: violating someone’s bodily integrity unjustifiably and aggressively, simulating, disrespecting the referee and so on.
disqualifying – is a violation of the basic rules of the field, such as unsportsmanlike, aggressive behavior, prohibited plays, etc. As a consequence of such behavior the whole team, coach or a particular player may be disqualified.

How to make a correct free throw? Ted St. Martin is a model example

It may not be the most spectacular thing, but in sport it is not about the visual aspect, but about the result. Besides, a free throw teaches us the basics – that is, hitting the basket accurately. People who are not able to make a proper, even correct shot, always play the role of the fifth wheel in their team.

You have to practice, practice, and practice some more, even if you are not a pro. We can eventually train this skill to perfection. As proof, let’s take the now famous story of Ted St. Martin, who as a 72-year-old farmer decided to throw himself in the basket. He threw 5521 balls without a break!

On April 28, 1996, Ted St. Martin made 5221 straight free throws in 7 hours and 20 minutes shattering Dr. Tom Amberry’s…

Published by James Pauleego Thursday, August 13, 2020

The B.E.E.F. Method.

So let’s start with the basics, or B.E.E.F. – this is an acronym referring to the most important aspects of a proper basketball throw:

balance (Balance) – the stance is to provide balance, we don’t have to extend our leg forward as we are comfortable;

elbows (Elbows) – elbows close to the body, arms should be facing the rim when straightened;

eyes – focused on the basket, it is good to concentrate on one point;

follow Through – at the end of the shot, we should make an appropriate motion with our hand to make the ball fly with the right rotation.

However, this is just theoretical basics. Now you have to practice regularly to train the right technique, which may decide the fate of the match.

Featured photo: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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