Pushing the limits of endurance. How does compression wear help athletes?

Pushing the limits of endurance. How does compression wear help athletes?
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Ever since compression garments appeared on the market, they have gained a huge fan base. It is used by both amateurs and professionals. According to the manufacturers, these clothes allow you to push the limits and achieve better and better results. Is it really so? Does the compression garment really work?

What is compression clothing and how does it work?

Compression garments are specifically designed to affect the muscles in a certain way. The most common claim is that these products help reduce muscle shocks and vibrations. The effects of such action are possible due to the strong wrapping of body parts. The first workouts in such a suit may make us feel strange, but it is just a matter of getting used to it. Despite the initial discomfort, you can very quickly get used to it.

A special weave of fibers along with local compression causes the circulation in these parts of the body to improve significantly. This obviously translates into supplying more oxygen to the muscles, which increases their efficiency and allows them to work much harder. Thanks to this, workouts are not so uncomfortable for us, and the feeling of fatigue is smaller. Proper compression of muscles and tendons makes them regenerate faster. This is due to better utilization of by-products generated in muscles during hard training.

Compression garments have a positive effect on thermoregulation and absorb sweat and moisture very well. This is because the material quickly releases the accumulated heat to the outside without overheating the body. In addition, special fibers do not accumulate water, which positively affects the comfort of use of compression garments. In addition, it is designed to protect the skin from outside temperatures, which is especially important on winter days.

How does the compression garment work? ?

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How do athletes feel when wearing compression garments?

A runner feels the use of compression garments in several ways. If you put on compression shorts, they will create a strong compression in your thigh muscles, which will make you instantly feel warmer. At first, this compression is usually uncomfortable, but it is a temporary feeling that quickly passes. Compression shorts allow better muscle control. They do not sway and are not subject to vibrations during the run. The feeling of stabilization accompanies not only at the beginning, but also during the whole training unit. Most manufacturers use the highest quality material for their production, which makes such clothing retain its properties for many years.

The fabric wrapping around the muscles acts a bit like armor. Thanks to it, feet land steadily on the ground, which translates into safety and significantly minimizes the risk of injury. In addition, on bumpy and rocky trails, compression gaiters protect legs from injuries. It often happens that the person running in front throws rock particles behind him, which can injure the runner behind. Keep in mind, however, that all compression garments have their own durability.

The benefits you will see from wearing compression clothing are certainly less fatigue after an intense run, as well as leg stabilization qualities. This translates into less muscle sway while running and a more comfortable workout. Compression garments do not increase muscle strength. Despite the fact that it affects better blood circulation, the work of the muscle fibers remains the same, that is, they do not generate more energy to increase strength.

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