Choosing professional basketball shoes – which parameters matter most?

Choosing professional basketball shoes – which parameters matter most?
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Choosing the right athletic shoes matters more than you may suspect. Professional basketball shoes mean more comfort and better ankle stabilization. We suggest what parameters to pay attention to when choosing.

Why opt for professional basketball shoes?

If you train running, you know very well, that the songs of praise about universal running shoes can be put between fairy tales. Every terrain has its own specifics. When you’re running on asphalt, good cushioning is most important. On the other hand, in the woods, the right tread that makes the shoe have a perfect grip on the ground plays a much bigger role.

The same is true for other sports. Some manufacturers of sports shoes have universal shoes in their offer – while they’re good for walks or weekend trips out of town with the family, it’s worth choosing professional shoes for regular trainings. Want to practice basketball? Choose shoes which have been constructed in such a way as to maximize the comfort and safety of the player during training.

Comfort, design, or maybe price?

These are the parameters that beginner players consider first when buying basketball shoes. All these factors are subject to subjective evaluation and are difficult to discuss. Whether a shoe will be comfortable or not depends largely on the specifics of your foot structure. The best thing you can do is try on different models – eventually you will find the one that fits your foot perfectly. The same with the design. There are as many basketball players as there are preferences – some like shoes with subdued colors, while others will reach for more flashy models. Here you have to decide for yourself which option appeals to you more.

There is also the question of price. Yes, you will have to pay more for professional shoes designed for playing basketball than for sports shoes of a universal character. However, if you have been playing in regular sports shoes so far and you try on basketball shoes, you will feel the difference. Increased comfort and safety during the game are elements that are worth paying a little more for.

Traction, stability and cushioning

It’s time to move on to more technical issues. You’ll minimize the risk of injury when you reach for shoes that provide adequate traction on specific surfaces. So think about whether you plan to train indoors or outdoors. The type of rubber used to create the sole will largely determine whether the shoe has a good grip.

An important influence on the comfort of the game is the cushioning of the footwear. Every player knows very well that the heel or knee pain that occurs with intense workouts is extremely difficult to eliminate completely. However, you can slightly reduce the discomfort if you decide to buy basketball shoes with optimal cushioning.

Another consideration is the height of the upper. For many people, this is purely a matter of aesthetics. However, when trying on individual models, pay attention to whether the shoe has been constructed in such a way that the foot is adequately “held”. The upper of a basketball shoe should be fairly flexible, so that it does not interfere with the game. However, do not forget about the safety issue. Too much slack can cause you to injure yourself during the game

Basketball shoes – which one to choose?

When choosing shoes to play basketball, put the comfort of the game and safety in the first place. The ideal shoe should hold the foot well. They should also be suitable for the surface of the court. Consider the specifics of your game as well. Do you play more powerfully or maybe you want more speed? In the first case, shoes with a higher upper are likely to work better. Remember that nothing is for free – don’t count on the fact that you’ll be able to buy professional basketball shoes for a few dozen zlotys. If you come across such an offer, think twice whether the product has a chance to meet your expectations.

We know that properly chosen basketball shoes are the most important element of each player’s outfit. They give…

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