How to choose roller skates that fit your requirements?

How to choose roller skates that fit your requirements?
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Riding on inline skates is a great way to burn excess body fat. Check what equipment to choose, so that each training was a real pleasure.

Why are inline skates so popular?

Everyone reaches for inline skates, regardless of age, gender or occupation. Wind in your hair, speed providing adrenaline or a chance to lose some extra kilograms are only some of reasons why it’s worth to put on skates and go for a short ride around the neighborhood. You can ride alone (solution for those, who after a hard day at work dream about being able to cool down and have some peace and quiet just for yourself) or you can go for a ride with friends (it’s a great way to get some exercise in good company – and as you know, when the enthusiasm for training wanes, nothing works as motivating as group training). So no more excuses – you’re neither too old, nor not fit enough to start your adventure with rollerblades. Start with equipment selection. Check what to look for when buying inline skates.

Universal or for special tasks?

In sport stores you can find huge selection of various rollerblades. Some of them are relatively universal models. Both beginners and slightly more advanced skaters will have fun riding them. There are, however, models of roller skates, which you can reach for if you already have a bit of skill in riding – these are fast, competitive roller skates.

Rollers for recreational skating

The vast majority of inline skate users ride completely recreationally. This type of equipment is the most popular, especially among beginners. It will be perfect for flat city asphalt alleys. You won’t develop dizzying speed with their help, and that’s good – you should start skating from calm rides, so that you can master the skating technique to perfection. Too much of a push and a rush can end in a painful fall. Broken arm or leg are only some of complications, which can occur after sudden and uncontrolled contact with ground. When you start roller skating, even those intended for recreation, remember about the set of protectors and helmet on your head – your safety is the most important.

Rollers for fast ride

In addition to recreational rollerblades, on store shelves you can also find real gems designed for lovers of higher speeds. For solutions of this type equipped with wheels with a diameter of more than 90 mm should reach persons, who have already mastered the riding technique. Otherwise you can hurt yourself. Speed skates usually do not have a rear brake. If you decide to use them, at least for the beginning choose shoes with a higher upper, which will make skating more stable.

Freestyle – great fun on skates

While listing types of roller skates, it is impossible not to mention roller skates for freestyle lovers. If you are going to practice while riding various acrobatic figures, then this solution is made for you. You can slalom on these skates and you can also make quick turns – the models are extremely agile. Just like with fast skates, before buying freestyle skates, learn to ride traditional skates first – this will help you avoid many bruises.

What else to pay attention to when buying rollerblades?

Type of rollerblades is not everything. When buying rollerblades, you need to pay attention to more details. Of course, well-fitting size counts. Riding in too small shoes will be uncomfortable and may end up with painful corns and abrasions. Shoes that are too big make it difficult to maintain balance. Younger users are in a slightly better situation – roller skates designed for children and teenagers are equipped with length adjustment system.

Before buying the rollerblades you should also consider whether to opt for hard or soft wheels. It should depend, among others, on your weight – the more you weigh, the harder wheels you should choose. Also pay attention to the material the wheels are made of and their diameter. Bearing, skids and brakes are also important.

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