How to optimally select boxing gloves?

How to optimally select boxing gloves?
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Gołota, Kownacki, Adamek, Fonfara – each of them started their great adventure with amateur boxing. With time they turned professional, but the first fights they won were in amateur rings. None of them could fight if it wasn’t for hard training and proper gloves, which are the most important in this sport. How to choose the right gloves for comfortable and safe training and fighting in the ring?

Types of gloves in combat sports

Choosing the right boxing gloves is not an easy task. It should be remembered that only in last place are aesthetics and their price. Yes, if we are just beginning our adventure with this sport, we do not have to invest huge amounts of money in equipment. Boxing gloves should first of all adequately protect your hands from injuries and contusions, be comfortable and convenient, and be adjusted to the fight that is planned. Therefore, we can distinguish three basic types of gloves in combat sports:

Boxing gloves – are characterized by high comfort during training and provide the highest level of safety. Most often, they have an anatomical shape, thanks to which the hand fits correctly. Boxing gloves are used for fighting and sparring.

Instrument gloves – this type of glove is lighter than the one mentioned above. It is most often chosen for bag exercises and clinch fight training.

MMA gloves – these are often referred to as half gloves due to the fact that they are split fingered and the ends are cut. This preserves grip and is usually used for bag training or mixed martial arts training.

Before you start training, you need to know that boxing gloves differ in shape, weight, size and the type of fastening. In addition, in stores you can find specially dedicated boxing gloves for men’s larger hands, women’s gloves for smaller hands and children’s gloves.

What material should boxing gloves be made of?

Boxing gloves made of natural leather and synthetic leather are available on the market. The former are mainly characterized by greater resistance and durability. Thanks to the fact that they are organic, they are very well permeable to air and moisture, thus ensuring higher comfort of use and hygiene level during trainings. Gloves made of synthetic leather are of course a cheaper substitute and are recommended for people who are just beginning their adventure with fisting.

What to look for when choosing boxing gloves?

When considering the choice of gloves, it is worth paying attention to their weight. People starting to train in combat sports usually wonder what size to choose. However, manufacturers use weight designations in ounces instead of glove width and length. Accessories weighing 6-8 oz are intended for young fighters, 10-12 oz are chosen by beginners and women, while 14-20 oz are models designed for professionals. In addition, you should pay attention to the material of their manufacture. As mentioned above, we can choose between gloves made of natural and synthetic leather. The fastening of the gloves is no less important. It may be classic, i.e. laced or with wide Velcro straps. The latter solution is most often chosen due to its practicality; besides, such a glove fits the fighter’s hand much better.

When choosing boxing gloves, one should not forget about additional accessories. Here, bandages are very important, which are an integral part of the equipment. They not only protect against injuries and contusions, but also absorb moisture and sweat. It is therefore worth bearing this in mind and choosing a slightly larger glove size. Boxing is an injury-prone sport, and improperly fitting gloves will make it difficult for injuries to occur, even during training. That’s why it’s so important to get them fitted properly.

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