Bicycle accessories for the novice cyclist

Bicycle accessories for the novice cyclist
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What do you need to go for a ride on two wheels? Of course, a bike and good will – without it you can’t move! But if you’re thinking about developing your passion for cycling, you should also invest in some useful sports gadgets.

Safety is the key

In many cities of our country you can find more and more developed cycling infrastructure. For example, in Krakow, city officials are aiming to make the whole city bikeable with dedicated paths. Sometimes, this happens at the expense of car traffic – some streets in the city center have been transformed in such a way that one of the lanes is given over to cyclists.

There is also an increasingly dense network of cycling routes and dedicated cycling paths – such as Green Velo, the Vistula Cycling Route or the Cycling Route around Lake Czorsztyńskie (part of Velo Dunajec). Thanks to such investments, cycling on roads with limited car traffic is much safer. Nevertheless, a cyclist, also a beginner, should take care about his safety. Bicycle accessories will help him.

Put a helmet on your head

Helmet is a must. Without it you can’t even think about going for a bike ride. It doesn’t matter, if you plan short ride in the city or you want to go on a trip to more difficult terrain. Under any conditions, a rollover can happen to you.

Seemingly harmless accident can end tragically – it is enough that you hit your head on a stone. When choosing a helmet for bicycle, do not be guided by its price. The cheapest proposals are probably not worth much. Bet on the quality of workmanship. Choose the right size of helmet. Make sure it has a safety certificate.

Use a bell and let others know you’re coming

Bicycle bells are mostly associated with children’s bicycles. Quite wrongly. It turns out that this gadget is also useful for adults. It will be especially appreciated by people, who move on crowded bicycle paths in urban space every day. Bicycle bell is only a few zlotys but it makes life much easier. Thanks to it you can let passers-by and other cyclists know that you are coming!

Use a mirror and keep an eye on your surroundings

In the city a bike mirror will also come in handy. You can use it to keep an eye on what’s going on behind you. If another cyclist is approaching you at high speed, you will notice it in time and be able to move out of the way if necessary!

Compulsory bike equipment

Anyone who rides a bicycle on the road should know that a bicycle, just like a car,…

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Make your cycling more comfortable

During each physical effort you should take care of proper hydration of the body. If you are planning a bike ride on a warm day, do not forget to take an adequate supply of water with you.

Drinking water from a bottle while cycling can be extremely strenuous. You will have to stop to unscrew the cap. However, by simply replacing your water bottle with a bidon, you will greatly improve the comfort of your ride. A bike backpack with a pocket for a water bottle can also be an interesting solution.

Do you want to go out of town for a few days, but the vision of a long bicycle ride with a backpack stuffed to the brim fills you with reluctance? Don’t make the mistake of a beginner cyclist! Hiking backpack is good for mountain trips. If you are planning a cycling trip, you should definitely invest in panniers. You can attach them to your bike rack with a special attachment. There are also front-mounted models available.

Panniers have different capacities. Choose one with enough space for all your gear. Map holder is also an interesting option. It is handlebar pouch with special transparent pocket, where you can put map or phone (tablet) with navigation. Thanks to such solution you will always know where you are!

Choose useful bicycle accessories and have fun on two wheels. Feel the wind in your hair and taste the adventure in nature!

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