Fishing for beginners – tips

Fishing for beginners – tips
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Fishing is a popular hobby that often turns into a lifelong passion passed down from generation to generation. Do you love spending your free time by the water? Find out where to start your fishing adventure!

Legal basis

Anyone who would like to start fishing in state-owned fisheries should first familiarize themselves with the legal regulations in force in our country. Failure to comply with them can result in heavy penalties. How to avoid them, and thus save your private budget from unnecessary expenses? It is advisable to become familiar with the contents of two laws – the first one is the Act on Inland Fisheries and the second one is the Fisheries Act. Both laws are available to the public and can be found on government websites.

How to get a fishing license?

If you want to fish in fisheries owned by the Polish Angling Association, you must have the appropriate license. The document that confirms them is a fishing licence. In order to obtain it, it is enough to apply to a chosen branch of the Polish Angling Association and pass an exam, during which the knowledge of fishing regulations will be verified. The only people allowed to fish without a document are those under 14 years of age (but only if they are accompanied by an adult who has the proper authorization), as well as foreigners (in this case, it is enough to purchase a fishing permit). Examination questions can be found on the internet, and there is also a portal entirely devoted to the subject of examination questions for a fishing licence( Tests are available there, thanks to which everyone can verify their knowledge at any time.

The authority issuing the fishing card is county office, where you need to go with a set of documents. We will need a certificate confirming a positive result of the exam conducted by the Polish Angling Association, two photos and proof of payment of stamp duty. You should always have your fishing license with you when you go fishing – even if you have obtained a permit but are unable to prove it during a test, you can expect to receive a fine or a ticket for illegal fishing.

Fishing equipment – what should I start with?

Another important issue, which certainly occupies the minds of novice anglers, is the selection of appropriate equipment. Every hobby is a big expense, and fishing is no exception in this case. For professional equipment you can easily spend even several thousand zlotys, although beginners will probably reach for slightly cheaper accessories. Many anglers who are just beginning their adventure with fishing choose second-hand equipment – thanks to this you can save a lot of money, and if it turns out that fishing does not give them as much pleasure as they thought – they still have a few zlotys in their pocket.

Essential for fishing is, of course, a rod with a good reel. Effective fishing is not complete without a line, hooks and, of course, bait to catch the fish. There is also a wide range of fishing accessories that make the time spent on the water even more enjoyable. Every angler should think about a fishing chair for their own comfort. A rod rest may also prove useful. Some people decide to buy a stand with a siren, although a beginner angler may be tempted to buy cheaper equipment.

How to start fishing?

Familiarizing yourself with the legal regulations and assembling the necessary equipment for fishing are the absolute basics. However, just as buying running shoes and reading the rules of the competition is not enough to run a marathon, in the case of angling you need training to get real pleasure from the hobby, which will be accompanied by greater or lesser success. You can spend long hours on your own in your favorite fishing spot, gradually improving your fishing technique, or you can join a fishing club, where experienced anglers will tell you the secrets of fishing, help you choose the right equipment or instruct you on which lures work best.

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