Low-budget sports – you don’t need much!

Low-budget sports – you don’t need much!
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Swimming, running or cycling are low-budget sports that are worth taking up. Find out what else can be counted as activities that do not require a large financial investment.

Why sport?

Are you wondering why you should play sports? The answer is very simple: it will allow you to develop certain traits of your personality, including stubbornness, determination, striving for desired goals – all this will be useful in your professional and everyday life. Not to forget mental toughness, which you will develop especially in team games where there is an opponent. Playing in teams teaches you leadership skills, communication and cooperation with another person. Kayaking, sailing and sports where the situation changes dynamically will improve your ability to assess the situation and make decisions immediately. Lacking confidence and trust in your own abilities? Going for longer distances or climbing higher peaks can help!

These are just a few examples of how sport will affect you. You probably already know why it’s worth it! We’re well aware that you don’t want to invest in it – at least at the very beginning. So here are five examples of physical activities that don’t require a big financial investment and you’re sure to enjoy!

Running still remains the leader

We all know that running is one of the cheapest sports and it will probably stay that way. All you need is a good, reliable pair of shoes that will keep you comfortable as you run the miles. It’s great if you also have the right outfit. Many runners also opt for a watch with a step count, heart rate and distance measurement function. It’s good to have headphones to make your workout more enjoyable. Apart from shoes, the rest are accessories that you don’t need if you don’t want to spend more on sports.

Physical activity is rather associated with women. Men, however, are more and more willing to opt for morning stretching and balance exercises. No wonder – yoga improves concentration, calms, supports the digestive system, and also strongly influences the stability of the whole body. What you need Just a mat, really, but you could practice without it, too. A sport that is cheaper than running and even more challenging at higher levels of difficulty!

Soccer with friends

You already know what team games teach. One of them is soccer – probably the most popular sport among Poles. What do you need to start your adventure with this sport? Appropriate shoes, i.e. cork shoes if you play on natural grass or turf shoes for eagles. This is the only major expense, because you can share a good quality ball with friends. Of course you have to find an opponent and a place to play!

Opt for swimming!

Another well-known sport in this list. Swimming is great especially for people who work a lot in a sitting position. It relaxes and strengthens the entire spine as well as shoulders and arms. Compared to soccer or running, you have to reckon with a slightly higher expense. Swimsuit will not be – cap, goggles and swimming trunks are not expensive. The main cost is the swimming pool pass, which costs about PLN 100 per month. If you rarely swim and don’t spend a lot of time at the pool, choose single tickets – it will surely be cheaper.


A low-budget sport, which, however, will be a bit more demanding financially than the previous ones. You’ll need a reliable bike, which will cost a few hundred zlotys. If you can’t afford it, choose second-hand bikes. In bicycle stores you will find very good quality equipment, which has already been through one owner. The price will then fall heavily, and you will begin your adventure with cycling!

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